April-June Resistance Workout: Part Deux

Here is Part 2 of 3 resistance training workouts for the gym; I’m following this plan from now until the end of June.  See my Fitness Page for Part 1.

Gym Resistance Training
Blue- Light Weight
Green- Medium Weight
Pink- Heavy Weight
Other: body weight/machine weight

Day 2 of 3

20 min. cardio intervals (machine of choice)
1. (Romanian) Deadlifts (20)

I prefer to use a 40-50lb barbell

2. Walking Lunges w/ Medicine Ball Twist(20/leg)

3. Seated Bicep Curls (15)

4. Lat. Pulldowns (20)

5. Plie Squats (20) w/ immediate Basement Plies (10)

Basement Plies= Short Bottom-Half Pulses

6. Tricep Extensions (20/arm)

7. Push Ups (20)- can also push up on a step, or without knees

8. Ultimate Toe Touches (15/leg- rapidly, then switch legs)

9. Bicycle Crunches (50 total- with or without small medicine ball)

1 minute break
Repeat Cycle

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