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Back to school, Back to school… my Human Anatomy book (pictured backwards) finally arrived.  It’s been many years since I’ve lugged around one of these beasts; this one is a hefty 870 pages.  This will be the first of many courses for my PFT diploma, but I am pretty ambitious and excited about it!  Not sure if I’ll still be smiling like this come mid-term, but I figure that if I’ve completed two degrees already, this one should be okay!  I’m really happy with my selection of this correspondence program through NAIT, as it’s one of the only ones recognized by CSEP, NSCA, and NASM, so I will be qualified to write my national exams with them once I’ve completed my journey.

It’s finally Friday, after quite a long week.  Off to dinner at an undecided location… Tomorrow, Adam and I have lots of yard work to do, as long as the rain holds off!

Here is my 3rd of three gym resistance training workouts:

Gym Resistance Training


Blue- Light Weight

Green- Medium Weight
Pink- Heavy Weight
Other: body weight/machine weight

Day 3 of 3
20 min. cardio intervals (machine of choice)
1. Dumbbell Bench Step-Ups (20/leg)

2. Dumbbell Pushup Rows (20/arm)

3. Chest Press w/ leg lifts- on bench (20)

4. Side Tricep Pushups (15/arm)

5. Bicep Curls w/ Static Lunges on Riser (15/leg)

*I couldn’t find a picture using a riser simultaneously, but try it!
*Static= Continuous lunges with same, planted leg

6. Plank In & Outs (20/leg)

7. Shoulder Windmills (15/arm)- kettle bell or free weight

8. Overhead Tricep Extensions (20)
*I prefer to use a plate

9. Leg Lifts on Bench (20)

10. Medicine Ball Mason/Russian Twists (30)

1 minute break
Repeat Cycle

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