Break’s Over

So, my long awaited vacation has come and gone.  Spring Break is probably one of my favourite ‘holidays’ of the year- not to mention, one of the most necessary.  As teachers are concerned, it’s that last week to relax, reflect, and get ready for the final push to the end of the school year.

Adam and I had a fantastic time in Roatan, enjoying a week full of beaching, eating, snorkelling, and taking in all that this up-and-coming Honduran island has to offer.  

Roatan in five pictures: 

West Bay Beach, Roatan
Stuffing my face- a fave holiday pastime.
Amazing snorkelling & diving.
Still rustic and developing- the only back machine!
Beauty sunsets.

I travelled back to our home and native land on Sunday night, a little jealous to leave Adam behind.  He stayed for a second week of diving with two of his brothers.  Since the time I located my car in the Park-and-Jet, retrieved our little white fur-ball from her amazing babysitters, and finally arrived home, I have seriously been going full tilt!
Calgary welcomed me back this week with a spring snow storm and the end of our third term (aka: report card #3).  My plans for outdoor runs kind of dissipated- I hate winter/snow running- and I’ve definitely fallen off the fitness bandwagon over the past two weeks.   


It’s Good Friday, but our gym is still open today- back I go!  I’ll be creating a new Spring Workout to follow for the next two months at the gym- a combination of cardio and free-weights.  I’m also determined to re-kindle a steady relationship with yoga, regular and hot.  I did a few sessions before our vacation and remembered why I fell in love with it in the first place.
Off to tackle some laundry and make a new playlist for my workout!  

PS- Here’s to my very first post!  This blog has been a long time coming, and I am happy to finally get my act together and see it materialize :) 

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