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So, I’m vying for a new satchel.  I’ve had my eye on the Cambridge Satchel for some time now.  At this moment, I am loving the Fluoro (neon is so much fun).  However, $150-$200 is a lot for a bag that I likely won’t be carrying around for a long time.  Slightly jealous of a few friends who own one already in neon yellow (pictured below); you know who you are!


I’m also loving the Classic in blue or purple or red.  Perhaps a little more subtle and I’d get more long term use out of it.

However, there is also this leather Willis by Coach bag in mahogany that is so beautiful and classic.  It’s a lot pricier at $290, but I know I’d use it for years.

Adam, if you are reading this, I’m definitely not opposed to a 2 month early birthday present involving any of the above.

5 Thoughts on “Bright Bag It

  1. Al MacDuff on May 1, 2012 at 5:40 am said:

    I can definitely see you in a blue- but I do agree that the brown bag would never really go out of style. The thing is, everyone has brown bags- If they are never going to go out of style, you will always be able to get one… I vote blue!

  2. I love blue too! It's not on their website though…hmmm

  3. OMG, I love the satchel trend that's so happening right now. But I'm like you, I've been refraining from buying one because I'm not sure how much longer it'll be “in” for. :o)

  4. Sorry for my delayed response, polyestherbunny! I've seen some really great knock offs lately that would definitely do the seasonal job. If I were to spend the money, it would definitely be on a neutral colour that would be good for years :)

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