Date with the Stair Monster

When you hit snooze three times, it makes your morning workout a little bit rushed!  Today’s planned 45-minue cardio session was unfortunately reduced to 30, so I knew I had to make it good.

Pre-gym snack– At 4:45am, I’m never overly hungry!  However, without something in my stomach, I can feel my energy levels plummet 15 minutes mid-workout.  I easily get cramps when doing cardio shortly after eating, so I need something that’s light and gives me enough energy to power through that hour in the morning:

Energy in a little red box!

I read an article a little while back and think that people really need to inform themselves before splurging on weird, packaged energy/sport gels and shots.  Something about them has always grossed me out, and now there is even more reason to go natural.  Fewer calories, greater vitamin content, and much more economical (5x less expensive).  Opt for real food!

Arch Nemesis

When in doubt, hit the cardio machine of death: the revolving Stair Master!  I possess a serious love-hate relationship with this thing.  I always select either the “Cardio, Fat Burner, or Hills” program option (it’s different depending on the machine) as it automatically sets you into interval mode. Intervals give you the most bang for your buck, especially when you want to get the same results in a shorter amount of time.  Realistically, your peak interval should make you go into an anaerobic state for 1-2 minutes (think limited oxygen intake, inability to carry on a full-out conversation, wanting to just revolve all the way onto the floor because your mind says you CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE)!  This is followed by slight decrements in speed to regain oxygen levels and get ready for another round.  One session on this monster is well worth the time and effort.

Followed up cardio with a few core exercises and stretching, then off to start the day!

Post-gym breakfast:

Multigrain flat roll with natural peanut butter & a banana (and cinnamon)
Parfait- Strawberry Asrto Original, Cottage Cheese, Granola

As always, the work day flew by.  We went to exercise our democratic rights (Alberta Provincial Election Day), and then made dinner.  I’ve been meaning to try out a recipe from one of my favourite, healthy-cooking blogs, Skinny Taste.  Her recipes are consistently delicious and I keep going back for more.


Chicken & Avocado Soup
(with a few rice chips)

Make sure to use a low sodium broth (some can be upwards 700 mg). This one by Pacific Foods is about 80 mg/serving, and is nice and light.

I halved her recipe and added a few more tomatoes (I also chose to boil the chicken first, which she gives as an option).  If you like avocado, you’ll love this one!

Off for a quick walk around the neighbourhood before bed!

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