Do the Salsa!

Okay, so I usually pretend/lie to myself that I like salsa so that I don’t overdo it with guacamole, sour cream, and other dips at parties and whenever we eat anything Mexican inspired.  To be honest, I ‘m not really a huge fan of grocery store salsas- jarred, tubbed…eww.  Sorry, Tostitos! I have made my own salsa before, and have thoroughly enjoyed it, but it’s just something that I never really get around to making, nor have time for.

However, I was recently poking around the salad and refrigerated condiments section at Safeway when I came across Wholly Salsa– hoooooooly good find.  Why did I not know about this deliciousness before?  It’s made with all natural ingredients too, which makes a girl feel that much better about indulging.
This morning I made my typical egg white breakfast sandwich (with cheddar, spinach, avocado on a whole-grain english muffin) and included a touch of medium Wholly Salsa.  Definitely recommended.

Eat Me!

It was back to work on Easter Monday, sans students.  I do enjoy quiet days like this one, and I was able to get a decent start on report cards.

Tonight Adam and I went to a movie.  There isn’t a whole lot out right now (as I already saw the Hunger Games last week with my girlfriends), so we went to 21 Jump Street.  Pretty amusing, slightly vulgar, and absolutely ridiculous…not something I normally go to in the theatre, but a fun night out for sure!

Movie Snacks

I made sure to pack some good treats (water and an almond/raisin mix with a couple chocolate chips thrown in for good measure)!  Don’t tell the theatre people.

Off to bed! 4:45am comes early.  Looking forward to getting back to my morning gym routine tomorrow and spending the day with my lovely students.

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