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So, I used to really like chips.  Really like.  My roommate and I probably spent more quarters in the residence vending machine than we did on laundry.  Off we went with our Hickory Sticks and Cheesies, basking in trans fat glory.  Fast forward eight years, and we have both learned a lot about nutrition.  It’s been a long time since I’ve wolfed down a bag of chips.  However, I don’t mind a good, crispy snack every so often, but it’s challenging to find one that is both a) not a heart attack in a bag, and b) doesn’t taste like cardboard.  So, I was thankful to find these bad boys at the Superstore last week:

Boulder Canyon makes these Rise & Bean chips that are gluten free, and taste pretty delicious.  Kind of like lightened up Sun Chips, but made from All Natural ingredients.  This is definitely not an everyday food group, but on a Friday movie night-in, I may find myself helping myself to a few of these.

Sun Chips- Look at the sodium levels!

To show a nutritional comparison:

Boulder Canyon Rice & Bean Chips

After trying several brands, I really like Say Yes to Cucumbers all natural, hypoallergenic facial wipes.  They’re perfect after workouts when you don’t have access to a sink/shower right away.
I’m a huge Lululemon fan; aren’t we all?  Their clothing is well made, fits great, is super comfy, and holds up over time.  I have tons of their pants, but they’re all yoga/running styles (i.e: tight fitting).  Besides teaching my regular subjects at school (math/science/humanities), I also teach a daily phys. ed. class and wanted a pair that were a little more spacious without looking dowdy.  I bring you the Studio Pant!  I keep getting compliments on these (guys, they’re just sweatpants…seriously), but they are actually pretty awesome.  I bought them in black (pictured below).  I’m saving my nickles (I would say pennies, but they are officially getting RID of them- Death of the Penny) for another pair in grey or wren.

They’re so great, they even have a video.
Lulu Studio Pant in black, accompanied by my other favourite: Asics Gel-33s!  I did a review on them last week!
Off for a walk with the pup (it’s finally getting warm!) and then to the grocery store for a few items, including potatoes for hash browns.  My group is in charge of Staff Lunch tomorrow: Brunch Theme!  Every Friday, a group of us make lunch for the rest of the staff.   It’s a great end to the week, and a fun tradition at our school.  

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