Group Fitness Partaaay

It’s raaaaining.  At least it’s better than last week’s snow!

I just returned from a medley class tonight which combined four Les Mills group fitness classes together into 1.5 hours!  It’s my gym’s “birthday week”, so they have some fun classes and things going on.

Body attack– Aerobic and plyometric work (HIIT).  It’s a lot of fun, especially when you go with a friend and laugh as you attempt to put together muscular conditioning with some potentially awkward cardio moves.  My inner cheerleader loves it.

CX30–  This is a new addition to my gym, and the first time I’ve tried it.  My core is going to be sore tomorrow, and although some of the tubing moves were awkward, they are amazing for resistance training.

Body Pump– The good ol’ barbell workout!  I don’t do this class consistently, but enjoy to change up my personal weight routine by throwing in one of these classes here and there.  It’s a great full body muscular conditioning workout.

There was also a 4th one called New Body that they mixed in with the Attack portion, which was definitely a beginner’s class.  Or maybe good for women in their third trimester of pregnancy; I can’t find a video for it!  I was a little bored, so started doing some of my own move add-ons (yeah, I was THAT girl).

I totally recommend the Attack, CX30, and Pump.  I also enjoy their RMP (spin) classes.  Goodlife typically offers 3-day free passes for first time members, so it’s something to definitely try!  Even to pay the drop in fee on a Saturday morning and stay for 2 or 3 classes is definitely worth it.

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