Saturday Happenings

It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up refreshed and well rested.  If you had told me 5 years ago that 7:30am is considered sleeping in, I would have highly questioned your judgement.  Funny how things change as we…’mature’. hah.
Started off the day with my energy-filled Protein Oats, read the news, and had my version of a cafe mocha.  Coffee from our espresso machine with a bit of Dark Chocolate almond milk = pure morning joy!
I made Adam drop me off at the gym around 8:30 on his way to Home Depot so I could do a quick resistance workout (the part 2/3 of my April-June weight program- which I will post tomorrow).  The drop off was for the mere purpose of forcing myself to do an outdoor run as well; had to get home somehow!  It’s a pretty easy 5k run, and a nice way to enjoy the amazing weather today.
Followed up my workout with my fave Jugo Juice- Acai Protein Shake:

I had to eat on the run, so this was a decent post-workout option.  I went for a quick mani/pedi, ran a couple of errands, and took in the craziness of Kony 2012 which was everywhere this morning.

I have to start getting ready now for Adam’s corporate centennial party today which begins at 3pm- that’s not an easy time for a girl to get formal-attire-prepped!
Fast forward mannnnny hours…
Always pack a Larabar in your clutch for good measure.  Or for grumbling stomaches in the cab on the way to a corporate event.  I was so busy getting ready that I didn’t really take note to how hungry I was, so I’m glad I packed a snack to tide me over until dinner.
We had a great time mingling and schmoozing with Ad’s coworkers.  There were even photo booths!  Construction hats and boas… good times.
I wish I had more fun pictures, but we were in a rush before leaving the house, and there weren’t many photo ops.  We finally made it home after an evening of good food (including chocolate covered strawberries…amazeeee), lots of wine, and a little two-stepping to boot.  Good night!  

2 Thoughts on “Saturday Happenings

  1. Al MacDuff on May 1, 2012 at 5:22 am said:

    Love those shots of you and Adam!! So very cute.

  2. Thanks! Can you please have one of these at your wedding? Or at least a “DIY Photobooth”?

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