Vega Bars and Treat Temptations

I find that when things (specifically work) gets crazy busy, then the potential of eating too many treats and unnecessary snacks is at an all-time high.  This week is one of those times for me, and it seems that everywhere I look, temptation stares right back at me.

From the Girl Guide Cookies that are rampant throughout the school/stores this time of year (how do you say ‘no’ to your students?)…

…to the baked goods sent in by parents for various occasions and celebrations (not gonna lie, I ate that bunny)…

…snacking on empty calories can get a little out of control!  Especially when you are exhausted from working so much; that’s when food decisions can fall to the wayside.  Knowing that I have a lot to get done, and need plenty of energy to do it all, I’ve been trying to ensure that I pack several healthy snacks to prevent unnecessary sugar consumption throughout the day.  As many know, a staff room or office lounge can be a nutritional danger zone.

Cottage cheese, yogurt/greek yog, whole-grain crackers, cheese and fruit are easy to toss in my bag.  I’m also always searching for new energy bars to try, but I can’t stand most of them.  Many taste artificial (because, well, they are) and it’s pretty disgusting.  In grocery stores here, it’s actually a bit of a struggle to find a healthy energy bar that is tasty, filling, and made with natural/plant based products.

Today I tried the Canadian made Vega Whole Food Energy Bar (chocolate). It’s made exclusively from raw, alkaline, plant-based foods, and is 100% vegan: dates, organic hemp protein, almond butter, organic sprouted flax seeds, almonds, cocoa powder, raisins, sesame seeds,  organic wheat grass, lemon juice, organic dulse… etc.  It also has 10g of protein, which is decent.  I feel good about the composition of these bars; it’s nice to finally see ingredients that aren’t all chemicals and isolates, like the majority of those on the shelf.  Anyway, it was a pretty good and filling snack.  It definitely wasn’t the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.  In actuality, a lot of people probably wouldn’t find it overly satisfying (in terms of taste).  I personally enjoy more “bland” foods like this sometimes, although many people do not!

My Vega Bar Rating:  3.5/5

So, I would definitely buy/eat this again.  However, for those looking for something with a little more kick, then I would point them towards my reigning energy bar champion: Larabar!  I will be making my own Larabars this weekend, as I typically do, and will be certain to post the recipe.

I thought is was Spring!

Well, Calgary.  Looks like you’ve let me down!  After an extra long commute home and rain that has turned into toonie-sized snowflakes, my plans for a nice little 10k run this evening have unfortunately dwindled.  I’ll be hunkering in tonight to do some marking and then will be headed to the gym bright and early for an intense, much needed cardio session in the AM!

Sidewalk Conditions: Not Optimal :(

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