A Farmer’s Market Sunday

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there, in particular my wonderful Mom!  xo
I’m sad that I can’t be on the East Coast to spend the day with her!  We’ll make up for lost time when I visit this summer.  
Circa 1986
Love you, Mom :)
PS- Nice mullet!
It’s an amazingly beautiful Mother’s Day here in Calgary, which in turn makes me overjoyed.  Finally!!!
I was up at 6:30am, unable to sleep.  I decided to get up and head into work to get a few things marked and accomplished.  Before work = breakfast!
Protein Oats

Almond Milk Latté w/ Cinnamon

I also thought it seemed like the perfect day to go to the Farmer’s Market.  I was there early, so it wasn’t too busy and I was able to quickly grab a few things.

Apples, Peppers, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Mango
All organic, bigger, better, and cheaper than the grocery store!

OMG!  Fiddleheads.  I haven’t seen these in soooo long.  They remind me of New Brunswick :)
So, of course I had to buy some.

The Farmer’s Market produce is so far superior and of better value.
Example: Two organic Gala Apples.  One from market (L), the other from the Superstore (R).

Ginger Carrot Soup for me and some Pickled Beets for Adam.  I’m not a huge fan of pickled anything, but he’s obsessed.

Brought some lunch home for the patio with Ad: beets (not pickled),  quinoa salad with sweet potato/pepper/feta/lemon, and a chicken curry mini hot pie!

Please don’t die, shrub.

I picked up some flowers and shrubs yesterday in an attempt to liven up our desolate backyard.  I definitely do NOT have a green thumb, and feel slightly incompetent when it comes to gardening, but it’s a desperate necessity right now.  So, I slapped on the SPF 30 and spent a couple of hours trying to rectify our yard.  I do enjoy it once I get going, but I guess I just become overwhelmed by everything due to lack of experience.
Slowly, but surely! 

Well, if aesthetic appeal isn’t motivating enough…
Gardening can be a workout, too!
Well, I am off in search of a dress for my best friend’s upcoming bachelorette shenanigans in Montreal. Themed attire: bright solid dresses for all the girls, and the bride in white.  Wish me luck!
Oh, and a very happy birthday to one of my Calgary besties, Kristen!
We were meant for each other!

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