Body Bar Beguilement

It’s test day (and the Victoria Day holiday- thank goodness)!  I had intended on getting it over with yesterday (the cut-off for writing it was today at noon), but I figured a good sleep would produce better results, so I woke up at 6:30am to study some more before writing.  In preparation for some serious neural activity, I devoured this ‘rev-me-up’ breaky:

Scrambled Eggs (1 whole egg + Nature Egg Simply Egg Whites)
Grilled Tomato & Mushroom
Whole Grain english muffin (lightly buttered)

Due to the fact I was cooped up inside studying about cells and tissues for most of Sunday, the thought of going to the gym for even more indoor time made me feel slightly depressed.  However, I desperately needed some physical activity so I decided to do a workout at home.  I recently purchased this Bally Exercise Bar from Winners ($15).  I’ve done barbell classes before, and thought this would be a fun alternative to basic dumbbells for at-home workouts.

Warning: Not as sweet and simple as it appears!

I wanted an arm workout with lots of reps and a lighter weight.  My body bar is 9 lbs (usually they come in 9 or 12lbs).  I also wanted to ensure that I was incorporating cardio intervals for a well-rounded workout.

So basically, you need to do one exercise for the specified number of reps (15 or 20), followed by the immediate cardio component, then back to the same exercise until you are done that specific circuit number.  Make sense?  Here is what I did, in chart form:

Here are the 4 exercises in photo format in case they are not clear.
(Sorry- they were the best pictures I could find)

Single Arm Bicep Curl
Single arm = better for stability.  If this is too much weight, you can use both arms, but increase the reps substantially.

Overhead Tricep Extension
Keep your elbows in, forming the number 11


Single Arm Chest Flies
Bring your arm down to it’s parallel to the floor (almost, but not quite touching)

Shoulder Press

Cardio Component

I live on a hill, so I just set up station in my garage and sprinted up & down the hill at the end of specific rounds.

While cleaning/organizing a month or two ago, I found this skipping rope that my Dad gave me yeeeears ago (I’m surprised I still have it).  I had fun incorporating it as a cardio component in this circuit, mixing up the hill sprints. 

Someone had fun watching me sweat it out:

Adam was away golfing until late last night, so it was a post-workout dinner for one:

Tilapia (seasoned with pepper, salt, chilli pepper)
Yellow Mini Potatoes (seasoned and baked with olive oil, pepper, cumin, white onion)
Mixed greens with tomatoes, red pepper, feta

Well, I’m off to enjoy what is left of the long weekend!

Body Bar Resources
Here are some websites if you’re interested in some more body bar moves:

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