Change of Pace!

The Monday blues; that must be it!  The fact that it’s been dark and rainy and my marking pile is growing by the day isn’t helping either.  In order to get out of this kind of rut, it’s nice to incorporate new twists to my workouts and have something to look forward to.  I was excited to see this amazing deal today from one of my fave Yoga Studios (Pure Hot Yoga) here in Calgary:

I tend to sign up for monthly newsletters and “Like” companies or join groups on Facebook in order to keep my eye out for deals and other fun events.  Plus, they frequently give good fitness or health tips, and it’s nice to stay connected with the community, especially since I’ve only lived here for a few years.  I am totally taking advantage of this offer.  Guess all that volleyball and basketball coaching pays off in more ways than I had anticipated!
I think I may also participate in the Calgary Marathon 10k run at the end of May.  I go for moderately paced runs fairly regularly, so I don’t intend on following a training plan for this event.  I’m not going into it with a “race” mentality, but more so a “fun run” and a way to participate in an active community event.  My friend Nicole is doing it as well, so it’ll be fun to have a friend in the pack.  If I was planning on training full tilt to win or beat my best time, I would definitely follow a more strict running program in the weeks leading up to a race.  Realistically, this would start between 8-12 weeks in advance.  I wondered what a 4-week program would look like if I were to train at my peak capacity and there isn’t much out there besides this one.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 5-6M at 80% max 2M warm-up, then 6 x 800m or 3 mins, with 400m jog recoveries, then 2M cool-down 5-7M easy, inc strides 2M easy, 2M fast, but not 100% Rest 60 mins mixed fartlek 8M easy
Week 2 5-6M with gradual acceleration 2M warm-up, then 5 x 1000m or 3 mins, with 400m jog recoveries, then 2M cool-down 5M easy, inc hills 7M easy Rest Warm up, then pyramids: 2 x 2, 3, 4 mins at 80% with same recovery, then cool down 9-10M easy
Week 3 5M strides 2M warm-up, then 5 x 1200m or 3 mins, with 400m jog recoveries, then 2M cool-down 5M very easy, OR rest 30-40 mins light fartlek, with short efforts (30, 40, 50 secs) Rest Warm up, then 4 x 400m with 400m jog recoveries, then 10-min cool-down 10-12M easy
Week 4 4-5M easy 2M warm-up, then 4 x 800m or 3 mins, with 400m jog recoveries, then 2M cool-down 6-7M easy 6M steady Rest 4-5M easy, inc a few strides 4 Week Training Schedule

Although I don’t have the time or schedule flexibility in May to commit to this more intense regime, I am definitely planning on incorporating some of the track workouts to my schedule over the next few weeks!  The track is something that I always forget about, even though I grew up training on one for soccer.  There is even one in my neighbourhood, so I really have no excuse.  I’m looking forward to adding this element back into my fitness routine, especially with the nice/warm weather right around the corner (yep, I spy SNOW in the weekly forecast- disgusting).

I also need to purchase a tennis racquet soon.  There are tennis courts everywhere in my general neighbourhood area, and I really want to start playing again for leisure.
There are likely things you love about your fitness routine, and it’s important to keep them in sight because they are motivating and keep you coming back for more!  However, I believe there is always room for the addition of new and exciting activities to freshen things up a bit!  That’s why I like to change my resistance training program every 2 months or so.  Plus, your body gets accustomed to repetition, so unless you make tweaks and changes to your activities, then it’s likely you’ll reach a fitness plateau.  Mix it up!
What other activities have you been meaning to try, but just haven’t gotten around to doing in awhile?  

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