Coffee Lovers Anonymous

One of life’s greatest pleasures is an amazing coffee.  Espresso, mocha, latté, americano, misto, straight up black…all equally fabulous creations, depending on your personal preference.  Nothing beats a perfectly blended java to kickstart an early morning, or relaxing after a long and tiring day.  Did you know that the average coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups of coffee a day, which over the course of a year would fill an entire bathtub?  Kind of insane, but makes sense.

I used to hate coffee.  I actually made it through my four year undergraduate degree without ever consuming it!  It wasn’t until my Education degree (9 courses in one term) that I seriously contemplated spending what little money I had on it.  Sadly, desperate times called for desperate measures, and I needed something to keep me awake.  Fast forward several years, and my, how things have changed!  I’m definitely not a crazy coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a cup of Jo every day.  
Barista & Coffee Bar at our Wedding in ’10
South Pacific Java
Everyone has their favourite coffee shop and/or beans.  There was the guy in front of me at Starbucks the other day whose barista remarked, “Oh hiiii Bill.  Your regular?”  Then there’s the Tim Horton’s drive through line up that I pass every morning, extending from the parking lot onto the main road.  Meanwhile, there are those who prefer the quaint simplicity of a locally owned and operated, one of a kind coffee shop.  
Now, this is the source of my java happiness:
Gaggia: Made in Italy
It was a wedding gift from Adam’s four brothers, and like my iPhone, I sincerely do not know how I ever lived without it.  
We were jumping around between a variety of beans over the past few months, like this one.  
They’ve all been pretty good, but nothing compared to my ULTIMATE COFFEE BEANS!  My mother in law, Margaret, introduced me to a  Just Us! Coffee Roasters, from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.  In 1997, they were the first fair trade coffee roaster in North America (now, there are over 250 certified fair trade roasters in Canada).  I totally support ethical coffee production and purchasing, and appreciate the efforts of such companies.  You can read about the Just Us! story HERE.  Besides the fact that they are totally democratic and responsible (they’re East Coasters, so this goes without saying!), the coffee is incredible and is my absolute favourite.
Just Us! Organic Coffee
Margaret’s Rolls
Margaret was visiting us here in Calgary over the last few days.  Besides spoiling us with all of her home cooking (like her infamous rolls), she brought with her several large bags of Just Us! amazingness.  Little did she know, I had also ordered some online a week beforehand…which arrived yesterday, to my absolute delight.
Ahhhhhhh! Christmas in May!
We should be good to go for awhile!  It’s a little more expensive than supermarket prices, but definitely worth the splurge.  I totally suggest checking out their online store.  
Fitness/General Health & Coffee Consumption 
There are so many viewpoints out there about coffee’s benefits (or lack of).  Harvard Health Publications state that, as per the latest research, coffee offers a wide array of health benefits when consumed moderately.  It’s been shown to improve physical activity and exertion levels, not to mention the health benefits reaped from its antioxidant powers.  It is high in caffeine though, which can be addictive, so once again: moderation is key. [Source]

Don’t Forget:
If you are a morning coffee drinker, be sure to drink (at least) one huge glass of water first thing, before consuming any caffeinated beverages, to ensure hydration.
Behind oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world!  

It’s currently the Fairtrade Fortnight (May 1-15th)!  Vote online for your fave Canadian Fairtrade certified product.  My vote is with Just Us! (obvs).  


2 Thoughts on “Coffee Lovers Anonymous

  1. Al MacDuff on May 10, 2012 at 4:36 pm said:

    JustUs was the provider for all of the coffee supplies we used for the coffee shop in the library in 3-4th year! When we were doing up our business plan we came across them as an option and while they were a little bit more expensive than others, they were by far the best choice! They have an amazing lemon-honey tea that you should sneak in your order next time!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning that, Al! I never knew!!!

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