Humpday Happenings

Another Wednesday, come and gone.  It’s always an exhausting day, no matter what you’re doing.  Things have been totally hectic for me lately, but I’m trying my best to stay afloat and just BREATHE and LIVE IN THE MOMENT, or as my very wise father always reminds me, “Be in the now.”  I haven’t been to yoga in a few weeks, but I think this weekend totally calls for a necessary ohm-sesh.

You got that right, my man!
Group fitness had a great turn out today.  We did a few circuit style drills, including this calorie eater:

Around The Clock Instructions:
  • Begin at a STARTING cone.
  • Sprint into the middle, touch with hand, and backpedal to the next cone (moving clock-wise). 
  • Do 5 pushups.
  • Sprint into the middle again, touch with hand, and backpedal to the next cone on your left.
  • Do 5 burpees.
  • Your next time goes back to pushups, then burpees, then pushups, etc.
  • The circuit continues for a specified time frame (suggested 5-8 minutes).

I think some people wanted to pass out by the end of it.  That means it’s hard…and effective…and perfect. You could definitely set this up as an at home workout, by yourself or with a partner!  
On the topic of pushups and burpees, I must say, I love body weight exercises.  You can do them anywhere with no equipment, and still get excellent results.  Here’s a good site that’s floating around Pinterest with some great ideas.  I do several of these in my own fitness regime, as well as within some of my fitness classes.
Someone asked me about my water bottle today:
It’s a Nathan Tritan Frosted bottle.  Nathan bottles are all BPA free, and I love the straw!  My bro-in-law, Logan, gave it to me a few months ago. A lot of sports stores carry them; I believe this one came from Mountain Equipment Co-Op. 
This girl is wiped!  I’m off to bed.  Up early for a workout, studying, and then an orthodontist appointment…then back to work in the afternoon!  Hopefully I will be finding out an approximate date for the dismantling of my metal mouth 😉

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