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It’s been a busy weekend of studying and such for my anatomy test, but took a short shopping break today that I will share quickly!

I am having the worst time finding a dress for a bachelorette party (that is in less than 2 weeks).  The dress code is “bright solid colours” for all of the girls, and I just cannot find anything that I like.  NOTHING!  I guess it’s because I saw this dress online last week by an Australian designer JustynaG, and now everything I find pales in comparison; it was sooo made for me!

Why can’t you be in driving distance, hot pink dress?
The dress is sold out until May 29th, at which time I may contemplate returning to their website.  First, I will need to brainstorm some excuses for where/why/when I could possible utilize this pink beauty, and justify this purchase.  But for now, my dress search continues  :(
It wasn’t a completely unsuccessful day, though.  I did manage to find a pair of fraid-open toe Steve Madden espadrilles (I wanted a really casual pair of black wedges as part of my May Wish List).  They were on sale for $40- yay- probably because they are last season’s, but I could care less!  My previous ones are about 4 years old and actually have bite marks in them from when Macy was teething as a puppy.  Embarrassingly enough, I still wore them from time to time.  These will be a great and necessary replacement! 
Another $40 find? A spring scarf; also part of my May Wish List.  It was originally $89, so I was pretty pumped about this find as well :)  I love you, BCBG!

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