No Time For Sickness

Well, I spent last night marking social studies tests, cleaning up around the house, and avoiding my flu-stricken, better half.  He rarely gets sick, so I know when he does, he isn’t kidding!

Some Flu Food for the Big Guy :(

I’ve been good at “hanging in there” over the past winter, but I did get a flu shot this year which I feel is probably one of a teacher’s saving graces.  I know there are a variety of opinions out there (medical and other) about vitamin supplementation, but I’ve felt a million time better since adding a few to my diet.  I’ve been playing with a few different brands and combinations, and my current regime has me feeling a lot more energized.  Plus, after my recent yearly checkup (including a blood test), my doctor said my vitamin levels were “beeeeeeautiful.”  I guess that’s a sign to continue with it for now.  Needless to say, the most vitamin intake needs to come from a healthy and well rounded diet; vitamins merely ensure you are getting enough of the good stuff.  I don’t care what anyone says, I still love Dr. Oz!  Here’s what he has to say about vitamins…

I also am not a big fan of cold, flu, or pain medications.  I really try to avoid them unless I am in dire straits. One of my student’s parents, who is all about organic and natural remedies, bought me this box of lozenges when I was feeling as if I was coming down with a cold.  And you know what?  That cold never came!  I don’t think they’re a miracle or anything, but I will likely reach for them whenever I’m feeling out of sorts and that, “I CAN’T GET SICK RIGHT NOW!!!!” panic mode sets in.  Add a cup of green tea with honey, and I’m feeling better already.

Do you have any interesting home remedies for colds, flus, etc? I’m always interested in hearing about what works for others!

Happy Friday, by the way :)
My mother-in-law, Margaret, flew in today for a little visit, so we’re spending the night BBQing and catching up.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, with lots of sleep, a couple good workouts, and some great food & company.

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