The Beats (and Beets)

I taught group fitness after school today…always a blast due to my awesome coworkers and their amazing attitudes.  With the grey and rainy weather, and the fact that it’s only Wednesday, we were all pretty sloth-like before class started, but everyone worked their bums off today and I think we all left feeling a lot more energized!  Yay for exercise and happy endorphins!

Some songs I selected for a variety of our class segments (also on my current, personal playlist):



Interval Circuits

Also a great choice for singing in car during daily commute, as well as dancing around living room by yourself… just saying.

Cool Down

Post Class Dinner:
Roasted Chicken and Beet Salad
w/ Baby Spinach, Pecans, Goat Cheese

My favourite dressing combo.
Shoppers Drug Mart Haul:
Third time purchasing Live Clean Body Wash!  98% plant derived and sulfate/paraben free.  The package is also recyclable :)
Plus, a pretty new loofah…my old one looks like it has been through a food processor.
Post-Sweat Sesh Wipes

My Go-To Lip Chap w/ SPF 15

Don’t spend big $ on mascara when you have L’Oreal at drug store prices!  It’s just as good, or better, than a lot of $30 mascaras.  Apparently, L’Oreal is actually considered a higher end brand in some parts of Europe.  Mascara one make-up item that is definitely not splurge-worthy!

Essie Nailpolish in Lilacism and Cute As A Button.  Nice for Spring!

Plus a few other odds and ends that are unnecessary to photograph, including a whopping 4070 Optimum Points.  Yeaaah buddy.  
Are you a Point Saver, or do you redeem your points right away?  Also, why can I not just go to the drug store and purchase the 1 or 2 things I actually needed?  I always leave with about 4x more than I had intended on purchasing.  This also happens at Costco, so I had to take a time out from that place.  Am I the only one with this problem? 😉

2 Thoughts on “The Beats (and Beets)

  1. Omg, I have that same Costco problem. Except I mitigate by not allowing myself to use a cart. Only allowed to buy the things I can carry! LOL.

    Brokenhearted by Karmin is soo my new jam! Been working out to it on repeat this week.

    Great post, doll!

    xo Nicole

  2. Haha, okay, I am totally modifying to your zero cart method at Costco. Maybe just a canvas grocery bag…

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