A ‘Head’ Of The Game

Happy Friday, all!  Since we moved into our rental house here in Brisbane, our landlord has been sending maintenance people almost every day to check/repair/clean pretty much everything in the house.  So, my morning was spent greeting people at the door, helping with step ladders, and sitting on my bum watching people work away (umm…I can totally dust that light bulb myself…but if you insist). 
After lunch I went to for a much needed and long overdo hair appointment.  Anyone who gets their hair coloured knows that finding a hairdresser can be super stressful.  Especially for blondes.  There are just so many things that can go wrong! 
Ooooohhhh Yeeeeeahhhh!
It also happened to be the hairdressers’s birthday.  So I obviously participated in the festivities:
End result?  SUCCESS!  Super happy and will be returning :)
I had originally intended on going to a class at my gym on the way home from my appointment, but it ran much longer than I’d anticipated.  Fine by me.  After a head massage and blow out, who wants to ruin their new ‘do, anyway?

This got me thinking about gym hair and how lovely it can look after a hard workout.  I think some women’s workout magazine pictures are so hilarious.  The fitness models with their loose locks.  Let’s be serious…those girls didn’t get bodies like that with their hair down.  

Tie that hair back, girl.
Okay, so every woman knows you can’t workout (adequately, anyway) with your hair down.  Well, maybe you can, but it would look pretty funny.  And hot and sloppy.  And frankly, quite un-athletic.   
However…just because you are working out doesn’t mean you have to look like a goober.  Cute, workout-appropriate hair can still happen at the gym/field/studio/sidewalk.  Here are some of my favourites:

Great Workout Hair

The Slicked-Back Pony
Great for cardio and keeping hair out of your face.
The Messy Bun
Adding headbands makes it a more relaxed look.
I can always rely on Lululemon for the best headbands:

The Messy Pony w/ Bangs
Jennifer always knows how to rock the cute pony tail!  You can pull out a few pieces to frame your face for a more relaxed look.  Nice for lifting weights, walking, etc.  If the hairs bother you, bobby pins can be your BFF.

The Short Hairdo 
Emma Watson keeps short hair out of her face with a simple headband.

The XL-Headband
Great for both long and short hair styles.  Perfect for outdoor activities, especially when the weather is cooler (can slide it down as an ear warmer).

The Athletic Braid
Although I’m a fan of the messy side braid/fishtail, it’s not really gym-appropriate.  Maria Sharapova tends to go with the ‘sporty braid’ which is much more athlete-friendly.

The “I Don’t Give A Sh*T” Hair
Somehow, it still looks great.  Grab and elastic and throw it up there; no mirror required.  

The Bun-Head
It’s not reserved for the ballerinas anymore, ladies.  Although I like this look for general life outside the gym, it works well for athletic activities that don’t involve too much jumping or pavement pounding (i.e.: resistance training, yoga, pilates).

The Pro-Wrap Pony (or Bun)
This was totally my go-to back in my university soccer days.  Team USA superstar Alex Morgan wears this look frequently.  Suitable for any athletic activity!

Pro-wrap: cheap, fun, and lasts forever!

I’ve been doing the slicked back pony a lot lately as it’s so easy.  Everyone has their preference, but it’s always fun to try something new.  Just another way to make those workouts more lively!

Hope you’re having a great start to your weekend!

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