Back In Action!

Oh my goodness; I am so excited to be back online!  These past few months have probably been one of the craziest/busiest times of my life.  I remember when I wrote my “time out” post at the beginning of June, with a feeling of complete dread, looking at the massive TO DO LIST that I had on my plate.  The last thing I wanted to do was put my blog on hold, as I have such a fun time with it.  However, it’s just my pastime at this point, and there were other things that had to take precedence.  I also didn’t have internet or computer access for a great deal of my summer, which obviously makes blogging quite difficult!
Here’s a brief recap of what I’ve been up to:
Montreal Bachelorette Shenanigans
I planned our beautiful friend Eryn’s last hurrah in Montreal, alongside my blonde sister sidekick (Martha).  It was an amazing weekend, as we basically had a reunion with all of our girlfriends from university, and met a few of Eryn’s friends whom she met in her post-grad.  We came from Calgary, Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, New Brunswick, and even Atlanta!
I was knee-deep studying for my anatomy course for much of the summer.  It kept me pretty busy, and was tough to juggle on top of everything else that was going on.  I ended up with an A, so I’m pleased about that, not to mention very thrilled not to have to tote around a 15 lb textbook anymore!  

For Sale!
We cleaned, staged, and sold our house.  We spent one month “getting it ready” to be listed, and luckily it was only on the market for 1 week before being sold!  Adam received an opportunity to do a work assignment in Australia, and we decided that we couldn’t pass up the chance to live and work abroad.  It was very difficult to leave my job, friends, and family, but I trust in the friendships I’ve made in Calgary and know I will keep in touch with everyone!

Unfortunate News
My uncle Kevin was one of the sweetest, intelligent, patient, reliable and witty men in the world.  He was diagnosed with liver, lung and lymph node cancers back in January.  Things really started going downhill quickly in July, and he passed away shortly after I arrived home to the east coast this summer.  I’m so grateful that I had a chance to see him again, and be with my family through the tough times.  It was very difficult to lose someone who I care for so much; I’ve never known a life without him.
Tying the Knot
Eryn and Eric got married on July 28th!  It was such beautiful Prince Edward Island wedding, and I feel so blessed to have played a part in the big day of two amazing people.
The beautiful bride

Source: My cousin Laura MacDonald took the wedding photos.

Down Under
We’re now settling in here in Brisbane, Australia!  Nestled between the Gold and Sunshine coasts, Brisbane is quite the happening city, I must say!  There seems to be an endless list of activities and “things to do” around here.  Spring is just beginning in the Southern Hemisphere, so it’s not quite beach weather yet. Currently, I am not working in Australia.  Although ‘not working’ is pretty unnatural for me, it’s been beneficial as I have been very busy trying to get our house/life in order (which is seemingly a full time job at the moment).
My new stomping grounds
I think I’ll get used to this.
To Make Things Even More Interesting…
In early June, we found out that we’re expecting our first little addition.  That’s right- our Baby #1 will be arriving in mid-February!  Now, with that being said- I was SO SICK in June and July (and even part of August).  My fitness routine took a serious nosedive, as did my diet.  I think there was a week when all I could stomach was bread and apple sauce!  I would not have accurately represented everything this blog is meant to be, let me tell you.  
Over the past few weeks, things have been improving significantly.  Although I’m more fatigued than normal, I definitely have my energy levels back!  So, despite a miserable few months, I know it will all be worth it :)
Fitness, Baby!
There you have it (in a nut shell at least).  
Soooo happy to be connected once again; my regular blog posts will commence tomorrow!  Can’t wait!

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