Fire Up The Barbie

It was one of those uneventful, laze around Saturdays here.  We had intentions on venturing out to a farmer’s market at a busy/popular weekend location in the city, but then remembered that today is the last day of the month-long ‘Brisbane Festival’.  It would have been a complete zoo.  So we’re holding off on our city explorations until next weekend and chose to get a few things done around our new house so it can begin to finally feel homey.
No workout for me today.  My body was in need of a day off, anyway.

Saturday Breaky:

– Whole grain toast with natural PB– Vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese, sliced apple, flax seed/oat bran/psyllium husk mix, cinnamon

As I’ve said before, I looove the cottage cheese/yogurt combo. I eat it all the time, any time. I highly suggest adding the apple and cinnamon as well.  It was like a dessert and reminded me of autumn :)

We wandered out this afternoon to a couple department/hardware stores to pick up a few necessary items for the house (brooms, bathroom fixtures, dust buster…you know, the fun stuff) then spent some time cleaning around the house.  So yes, sweeping was actually my daily workout!  Ever wonder if random “around the house” stuff actually does anything for you?  How many calories are actually burned?  Well, not as much as sweating it out at the gym, unfortunately…but better than laying on the couch!
Results were calculated via the Health Status Calorie Burn Calculator.
Sweet.  I will definitely be purchasing an Ergo Baby carrier in February so I can get a mini workout.  No wonder some new moms lose the baby pounds so quickly!  
In other news, we just adopted a new barbecue (or a ‘barbie’ as they say here in Oz) from one of Adam’s coworkers who is moving away.  
We decided to celebrate our new household addition by testing out the grill.  Adam headed up the kitchen tonight, which was lovely.


Grilled Veggie Kabobs- zucchini, tomato, red pepper (capsicum), white onion

Grilled Chicken (ground) on Turkish bread

Vegetable kebabs are such a great alternative to the ol’ regular!
Delish!  Now, don’t be envious all you Canadian kids…just because summer is over doesn’t mean that your barbecue need be put to rest for 10 months!  We’ve been known to flame up the grill on a mid-winter day. It’s just another great cooking option.
While having dinner on our patio, we watched an awesome fireworks show (the end to Brisbane Festival).  Although my nighttime photo skills are severely lacking, I did manage to get one decent shot of the light show:
Well, I’m off to hunker in for the night with the Mr., a movie (TBD), and maaaaaybe some low-fat oreo ice cream to add to the excitement :)
I’ll leave you with this video that totally made my afternoon (which you may have already seen, but I am apparently very behind in the YouTube Times).  Too cute.

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