Today definitely didn’t turn out as planned.  See, we’ve been super busy lately trying to furnish our new house to make it a “home”.  We didn’t bring much furniture with us to Australia (left it in storage back in Canada), and that which we did ship doesn’t arrive by sea until the end of October!  Not knowing how long we’ll be overseas, it’s difficult to gauge what kind of furniture to purchase.  
We’ve already had to buy a fridge, washer, and dryer (did you know that people take their major appliances with them when they ‘move out’ in Australia?…we’re talking rental homes & apartments!)  So that cost a fair chunk of unexpected change for us, and unfortunately since they use a completely different voltage system here (220-240 volts), we can’t even take them with us when we leave!  There it is…straight out of my shopping budget :(
We’ve reconciled and decided to try our best to find reasonably priced furniture so that we can still feed ourselves.  No Pottery Barn shopping for us over here.  So with that, off I ventured to the land of insanity:
Today was actually my 3rd Aussie trip to the Swedish crazy house- once with my relocation specialist, the rest alone.  I think Adam would rather work for 50 days straight than step foot into that store.  We made a pact long ago:  I Buy, He Builds.  Works for me.
This was trip #2:
By the way: If you’ve ever experienced “Ikea Anxiety”, you need to read this article:  Ikea- The Morning News by Matthew Baldwin.  Pretty funny and accurate!
This lovely Saturday morning I was all ready to start my first prenatal yoga class.  However, we’ve been waiting for this certain dining room table to get re-stocked at Ikea (it’s been sold out for weeks), as we have a great table back in Canada and don’t want to splurge on anything excessive.  I have been checking the status every day, as I was hoping that it would be re-stocked on a Monday-Friday when I could leisurely make my way to the store.  But alas, I stupidly checked while eating breakfast this morning and there is was.  “Currently In Stock: 7”.  There was no way I was going to wait another 2 weeks for a table.  So off I went.
After 2 solid hours, I made it out alive.  We’ll have our little dining table tomorrow (it didn’t fit in my car of course).
Docksta Table and Tobias Chairs
This is also being delivered for our sitting area.  Super comfy, real leather…why not?
Kivik Leather One-Seater
If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time in Ikea or a comparable store, you know how exhausted you are afterwards.  Did you know that the average Ikea is approximately a 3km walk?  So when you’re running back and forth around it for awhile like I was, it gets tiring.  Then lugging a pile of things home, including this rug…I might as well join the Highland Games as a log tosser.

Ikea…you were this gal’s workout for today, thanks!
I haven’t had too many pregnancy cravings yet.  No more than I ever had before all of this fun commenced.  I don’t know if it was the 300 people in line for an Ikea hot dog or what, but the whole drive home all I could think about was eating a cheeseburger.  Chocolate craving?  Sure.  Peanut butter on a spoon?  Been there lots.  But craving a cheeseburger is not a normal thing for me.  
Luckily, there is this awesome “healthy” burger place nearby called Grill’d.  The food is all really fresh and locally farmed, everything flame-grilled in front of you.  
I know deep down that I don’t really like/do well with beef (even though the meat at this place is farm-fresh and organic), so I ditched the hamburger fantasy for the “Field Of Dreams” vegan burger: complete with grilled field mushroom (like a portobello), giant roasted red peppers, cheese, lettuce, and basil pesto.  It was delicious, and now my crazy burger craving has subsided.
Adam is currently on a flight back to Brisbane.  He’s been in Manila all week for business, so I’m looking forward to him getting back here!  I have an assignment due on Monday for one of my courses, so I’m going to be super cool/exciting on a Saturday night and work away at that.
I’ll leave you with a few cardio/pump up songs on my current playlist!
I Cry- Flo Rida

Turn Up The Love- Far East Movement ft. Cover Drive
Set it Off- Pimp Dawg (Wings & Rider Remix)
From Body Pump Release #83

I’m All Yours- Jay Sean ft. Pitbull
I’ve been listening to this since May, but it’s still on my playlist :)

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