Sit Up Straight, Dear!

First course assignment…Done!  It was for my Applied Movement Mechanics (Biomechanics) class.  Basically, I had to do a Personal Postural assessment in which I had to understand what ideal posture looks like, then take pictures of myself from an anterior, posterior, and lateral views to try to determine my postural faults (and why I feel I have these “imbalances”).  Typicaly kinesiology assignment.

First of all, taking half naked pictures of myself at 19.5 weeks pregnant is definitely not an uplifting activity. Especially when it looks more like I have a developing beer and pizza belly than anything.  For anyone who has been pregnant, you know “the stage” to which I am referring…when you don’t quite look pregnant, but are questionably/awkwardly larger through the midsection than the rest of your body!!!

I need one of these…


Anyway, got the photo shoot and assignment over with.  No crazy findings… slight internal rotation of the patella and misaligned ankles (both likely due to serious soccer injuries).  Luckily no kyphosis or lordosis:

Source: Straighten Up!

I’m sorry, but that exaggerated picture of lumbar lordosis makes me laugh every time.

Anyway, I will not be revealing my photos for all to see on here (sorry- the embarrassment will lie between myself and my instructor).  The weirdest/funniest finding that is strangely part of the postural assessment checklist: earlobe alignment.  My left one is lower!  – You can stop laughing at my awkward photo now.

One of these things is not like the other…

Although there was much more technicality to this assignment that I won’t bore you with, I’ve created charts for checking ideal posture and would gladly send to you if you email me.  I highly recommend taking 3 photos of yourself sometime to see if you notice any postural faults.  It is extremely beneficial to become aware of your posture, as it can help to determine possible muscle imbalances (which can lead to pain, fatigue, and extra/unnecessary strain on joints and ligaments.  I’m talking to you, “I sit at my desk 8-10 hours a day” person!!!  Many imbalances that stem from your everyday environment and activities can totally be corrected, but need to be pinpointed first.  Just an example of some very common postural faults that you can see while observing ANY large group of individuals (well, maybe except Yogis…and Ballerinas).

Source: Causes of Incorrect Posture, Get Fit To Golf

In other adventures today:


Body Pump pumped ME this morning- in a good way, as always.  My friend Ashley, who is a Body Pump instructor in Halifax, NS, sent me great PDF entitled “The Body Pump Pregnancy Brochure.”  My instructor here doesn’t really offer many modifications, so luckily I’m aware of some of the things I can/cannot do.  Since I don’t have an obtrusive belly yet, I can do pretty much everything the same as all of the other participants.  However, the biggest thing I’m finding lately is that I have a little bit of abdominal pressure when laying on my back on a flat/hard surface, so the brochure reminded me to start putting my bench on an incline, rather than flat across.  I would think that this might also be beneficial for people who suffer from lower back problems, not just preggo ladies.

To relieve abdominal pressure caused by laying flat on your back (during chest press and triceps work), just take out the risers from only one side so the bench is no longer parallel to the floor (or as my grade 6 students would tell you…create an acute angle)!  It helped reduce the curvature of my lower spine and felt a million times better.  Thanks, Miss Tozer!

Source: Best Home Fitness Machines Review


Spinach and “Rocket” Salad (…it’s arugula, but they call it rocket here, haha) with grilled chicken, strawberries, 1/2 an avocado, and feta.  Would have liked so add some walnuts, but didn’t have any.  This is one of my favourite summery salads, but I ate it frequently back home when it was -25° because it’s so delicious and light!

Disgusting Find:

Taranchula-sized spider (but skinnier) found crawling in the basement last night.  Almost had heart attack.   Made Adam kill immediately.  This Canadian girl doesn’t do well with slugs, let alone THIS monster!  I really shouldn’t post pictures like this, as my Mom will probably cancel her flight to come visit me, but it was too creepy of a moment not to share.

Another Disgusting Australian Find:

WHAT?!!!! Pretty sure this can be found in a North American Walmart for $3.  

Okay, off to get some much needed groceries.  I have a hungry husband who has requested “more work snacks”.  Preparation for motherhood has begun :)

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