Sterling, Spinning, Snacking

It’s Monday.  I was so relieved to wake up feeling healthy and rested today.  I was feeling super ill all day on Sunday; I have no idea what came over me.  I had the worst headache too.  I’m not a frequent “headache” person, but have had a few throughout pregnancy so far.  Apparently it’s common due to an increased blood volume???  Whatever…not fun either way!  

Adam got home from the Philippines in the morning, so that made me feel a lot less miserable.  He also showed up with this:
The magical blue box that makes every girl’s problems disappear!  :)
Sooo thoughtful!  I’m a lucky lady.  This bracelet is so pretty and dainty, and although it still works on its own, it’s amazing for layering as well.  I already have a small Tiffany’s bracelet collection: one from Adam, one from my bridesmaids, so this one will be a perfect compliment! 
My usual silver arm-candy
Some breakfast energy today consisting of two hard boiled eggs, wholegrain toast with natural peanut butter, and a clementine!  
Then it was off to the gym to do Spin (or “Cycle” as they call it Down Under).  I haven’t done a Spin class in ages.  I tried one at about 6 or 7 weeks pregnant when I was feeling pretty awful, and haven’t gone back since.  I think I had developed an aversion to it.  Now with my energy levels back, it seemed like a good way to mix up my cardio, which has been mostly just the elliptical and walking/jogging over the past little while. Spin is awesome for whatever fitness level you’re at, as you can modify the resistance and cadence to accommodate your needs.  For me, I just backed off the resistance quite a bit, as I didn’t want to elevate my heart rate too much.  I’ll have to take a picture of the Cycle Studio at my gym…lights off, glow in the dark, lots of fans for a cool breeze- definitely a great atmosphere.  I love doing Spin classes in a dimmed room so much more than with the lights all on.  The instructor played awesome music too, including a Kanye ‘All of the Lights’ remix very similar to this one (I think it was better, but I can’t find it on YouTube):
I don’t know about you, but for me, music selection is SO important in a group fitness class.  When you’re feeling like you want to stop/slow down and a great tune comes on, it can completely change your energy levels and expenditure!
Since coming home from the gym, I’ve been busy working on an assignment that’s due tonight for my Biomechanics class.  More about that tomorrow!
I’ve also been partaking in an apparent snacking marathon.  A few of the delicacies: 
Raspberry-Apple Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Sliced Strawberries
then this…
Wholegrain Rice Crackers and an amazingly delicious Spinach & Feta dip (no preservatives)
Probably going for a sliced apple and peanut butter next!  
Speaking of snacking, I think I know of someone who appears to been eating a little more lately:

Look, I always love miss Kate, even at her most frail stages.  However, she’s looking so much healthier lately, don’t you think?  Yay!!!

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