What Are You Weighting For?

I had a great sweat sesh at my new gym tonight.  A cardio warm up on the elliptical, followed by Body Pump!  Being well into my second trimester, the only part of the class I can’t really do at this point is the abdominal/core track…I took a little time out, stared at the ceiling for awhile, and did the plank for a grand total of 20 seconds 😉 
Even Tamra Barney (Real Housewives) thinks this class is awesome!  hahah

So many women worry about lifting weights, for the fear of “bulking up”.   No matter how many articles and studies are published contradicting this theory, you still hear it all the time.

I actually used to feel the same way, worried my “soccer legs” would creep back into existence after a squat workout.  Not true.  Unless you’re taking some kind of male enhancing hormone, or are secretly ‘half-man’, it’s not going to happen.  Low weight and high repetitions won’t bulk up muscle, but instead give it strength and great definition!  Lifting weights for physical appearance shouldn’t be the only goal, though (although it’s a fantastic added benefit).  
Here are a few Benefits of Resistance Training that I always try to keep in mind:
– Decreases the risk of osteoporosis (my mom has it!)
– Improved athletic performance as well as day to day functioning
– Reduces the risk of injury
– Reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease (both are also in my family)
– Helps build muscle and lose unnecessary body fat (see below)

I have no idea what magazine I was reading a couple of months ago, but I noted a quote into my iPhone because it totally reminded me of this topic:

“Staying weak because of how it might make you look is the same as staying illiterate for the fear of appearing nerdy.”

Just something to think about!

Dinner Downer

Adam is working, so it was a Thursday dinner for ONE (well, two if you include the little peanut).  I’m having a difficult time finding veggie burgers at any of the grocery stores here, and was excited to find an organic brand at a cool little market in my neighbourhood.

Looks okay for a “throw-it-together-I’m-only-feeding-myself-meal”, right?  Well, the lentils and the green beans were delicious.  I’ll definitely be buying the lentils again: Lentilicious (an Aussie brand with several different flavours).

Veggie burger?

Yeah.  This photo pretty much sums it up.  Never again!  My hunt for the ultimate Australian veggie burger continues…

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