What’s In My Cart? (9/12)

A few months ago, I felt that I had my grocery shopping regime down pat.  Some people find this “chore” to be quite taxing.  Personally, I find it very enjoyable (except on the weekend, of course)!  I was in the routine of making lists (so important) and meal plan ideas for the week, then went whizzing around the store…I knew where everything was, the nutritional information of my “go-to” items,  and the approximate weekly costs for all of this.  What fun!

Then I moved Australia, and my grocery-shopping security blanket (that’s you, Superstore) is sadly no longer in existence.  Yesterday, I honestly spend 1.5 hours at a grocery store called Woolworth’s, meandering through the aisles, trying to figure out what I am dealing with here.  No list, no direction…probably not wise. Treasure hunt time!
Australia doesn’t have the massive super markets that you see back in Canada or the US, which I think I might kind of prefer to be honest.  We’ll see.
Anyway, I made it through a grande shopping extravaganza and thought I would share some Feature Categories that seem to make an appearance in every grocery order of mine, despite the continent that I am am living on.  Keep in mind that these pictures represent only a small % of my grocery order, as I didn’t really want to stand around my kitchen photographing 100 items.
This stuff is high in protein and such a great alternative to regular yogurt.  However, I’ve been reading several articles lately about the nutritional content of greek yogurt, and that a lot of companies are including various additives (particularly “thickener”) in order to give the yogurt its ‘greek’ texture.  Thickening would mean adding a bunch of corn starch or milk protein concentrate.  Apparently “Greek Yogurt” doesn’t have a legal definition, so the FDA can’t do much about it.  It’s frustrating to know you’re trying to make healthy choices, but have to deal with this nonsense.  Just a heads up to check the labels and ensure you’re making the right choice.
Read more about the Greek Yogurt thickener controversy here:
I could eat cereal/oatmeal at any day, any time.  Thought I would try this version to mix things up from my standard plain stove-top oats with this little guy.
Can’t get enough.  I try to buy free range whenever available/affordable.

We have a slight PB obsession around here.  I’ve even converted the man of the house to natural peanut butter.

100% Organic Roasted Peanuts

“But those other peanut butters taste soooo much better!” you say?  Next time you’re in the PB section, take a look at the ingredients on any regular tub (Kraft, Jiffy, etc).  You’ll probably find something like this:
Select Roasted Peanuts
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
Fancy Molasses
…and more

…because you can’t be good all the time.  At least I can’t!!!

We’re not red meat eaters around here, so chicken is our only source of meaty protein (besides seafood).  Australia makes finding free range chicken a breeze.  It’s everywhere, and not overpriced at all.  I sometimes had a lot of difficulty finding this stuff in Canadian grocery stores.  I’m trying to be a lot more conscious of my meat selections lately, and trying to eat the stuff sans hormone injections, especially if I can help it (i.e.: cooking at home).
Usually FISH would also fall into this category, but I didn’t get any on this shopping trip because I went “without a mean plan”.  Plus, I prefer buying it no more than a day in advance, anyway.  There’s a fresh fish market by our house that I’ll be scoping out soon!
Where oh where are the flax seeds, Australia?  Nowhere to be found.  This mixture contains some…so it’ll due for now in my oatmeal!
Great for snacking on their own, adding to cereal/oatmeal, etc.  Simple, easy, and nice to have kicking around in the cupboard.
Adam wanted more “snack foods” in his lunch.  He can turn these giant crackers into mini sandwiches (e.g.: tuna).
Mostly fruit.  Apples, pears, kiwis, strawberries,  clementines.  Only enough veggies for 3 days (broccoli, cucumber, onions, green beans, lettuce, spinach are buried).  I hate fresh vegetables 4 or 5 days into the fridge, so I usually make a quick, second trip to get some more.  I also bought frozen veggies.
Using for either a curry or stir fry this week.
I love a piece (or 2…or 3) of dark chocolate after dinner!
I need to get filled in on all the latest Spring Aussie fashion trends that I can’t even wear because I’m already busting out of my jean shorts!!! Right?  Oh, and the free butter London sample sealed the deal, obvs.
Plus a whole lot more….
The final damage?
I guess that’s pretty close to my grocery bills in Calgary for the two of us.  Maybe a little higher this time ’round, as I had to buy several essentials (spices, condiments, etc) that we obviously couldn’t bring with us from Canada.  
Usually a weekly bill will be somewhere around $150.  I know I could make it a lot cheaper, but I just feel it’s important to choose the right food (or as ‘right’ as possible) rather than going for cheap deals in the grocery store.  And when you see a healthy favourite on sale?  Buy more than one!
What is your average weekly grocery bill (and for how many people)?  
Do you have any go-to products that you highly recommend?
Any temptations that get you every time?
Happy eating!

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