Workout Eats and Other Randomness

It was a Spin morning!

I had a light breakfast that wouldn’t weigh me down through 45 minutes of cardio: oats, cinnamon, strawberries!  The carbs gave me some necessary energy.


It was a great class today.  I highly recommend Spin/Cycle for anyone who wants to change up their cardio routine.  It’s awesome because you can modify it to fit your fitness level.  For me, I just need to watch that my heart rate doesn’t skyrocket.  I’ve been controlling that through the bike resistance, meanwhile trying to maintain the instructor’s pace/cadence.

I prefer working out in a group setting; I find it extremely uplifting.  This is probably why I enjoy group fitness instruction so much.  However, I know a lot of people just like doing their own thing at the gym or at home, which is awesome too.  Whenever I can’t make a spin class, I think I’d like to try this 20-minute stationary bike workout on my own.

Perceived Exertion:  A scale used to describe the difficulty of a workout, specific to an individual

Cadence: The rate at which the cyclist is peddling

I only made this a 20-minute cardio session.  If I am not in a class, I prefer shorter, tougher interval training like this.

Make sure to create an awesome 20 minute pump-up playlist on your iPod before hopping into the seat! Good music makes interval work sooooo much better.  If I were to do this without tunes, I’d probably want to quit!

-3 scrambled eggs (I removed one of the yokes) with spinach, tomato, and a bit of grated colby cheese
– Hint: grill the veggies for 3 minutes before adding the eggs
– Multigrain toast with butter

I try to eat protein after every workout.  It helps with muscle building and repair, and keeps energy levels from plummeting.

On a whole other note, I have hit my 1/2 way pregnancy mark; hard to believe!  It is actually going by so quickly.  I’ve had a lot of Facebook and email requests from friends to see my “belly”.  I am NOT big on posing for preggo shots, but felt that I’d mark the occasion with one, seeing as I have actually seen a change in my core over the past week!

1/2 way there!

There I am, post workout, with the emerging bump that has restricted my favourite jean short use!  Totally worth it :)

With a growing belly (which I hear is going to grow exponentially from here on out), I’m going to have to start shopping for a few new wardrobe items.  Anything for an excuse to go shopping, right?!  Luckily, summer is just around the corner here in Australia, so when I’m not in workout gear, you’ll be sure to find me in dresses!  I also have plenty of loose shirts, but am in desperate need of casual shorts (which may be the only thing I actually have to purchase in the maternity department).

I found these two dresses last week (both Aussie brands).  They work for pregnancy because they have a high waist, and a flowy bottom half that isn’t too short, as dresses will rise up the further along you get in pregnancy.  Plus, I can wear them after all is said and done :)

L- Miss Shop $49.00
R- S.E.S $29.00

Well, I’m off to start my afternoon with some school work, followed by a date with my new neighbour who has so sweetly invited me over for tea :)

Have a fantastic Friday!

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