Fit Favourites (17/10/12)

Today = just a few recent fit faves:

1. Still loving my Asics runners. I noticed a trainer at my gym today with these hot pink Gel-Nimbus 14s which are super awesome, too. I don’t plan to purchase them or anything, as mine still have lots of wear left. I know everyone has a preferred runner; mine is still Asics- has been for years! I love how many fun colours they have to choose from lately (check it out here).  
2.  On-the-go juices. Lately, I’ve been liking this freshly squeezed, zero preservative, not from concentrate, natural ingredient juice by Charlie’s here in Australia. I also had a juice as a snack the other day that reminded me of my favourite Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness juice from back in Canada. They can be expensive, so they’re not something that I stock up on. Just good for upping electrolytes or a zap of fruit/veggies while you’re on the run.

3. The yoga toe stretch. I sweat by it. Although it looks super simple, it’s actually an amazing stretch for the toes and foot arches. I haven’t had a need to wear heels lately, but it would be the best for stretching out sore, stiletto beaten feet, and helps with circulation. Hold it for as long as possible! 
Don’t mind the pregnant girl…this pose is beneficial for everyone:
4. Water cups/bottles with a straw. I’ve been missing my favourite Nathan water bottle, which is packed somewhere within in our sea shipment that is FINALLY due to arrive tomorrow! I was finding that I wasn’t drinking nearly enough water throughout the day, so started using one of my on-the-go smoothie cups with a straw. I know it sounds ridiculous/silly, but I probably drink 3x as much water in the course of a day, as opposed to having it in a regular glass. Whatever works, right?
5. This recipe (a Tomato-Basil marinade) for shrimp skewers. I made them the other night and they were really good!!!! Super easy and highly recommend, especially if you like a tiny cayenne kick. Add your favourite veggies to the skewers- I chose peppers, red onion, and grape tomatoes- and serve over whole grain rice.

Veggies for Skewers

Don’t forget to soak your skewers in water before
 building them with the veggies and shrimp!
I’m off to make some dinner and commence a fun filled night of school work for my biomechanics class. This will probably include some serious study breaks- my other recent obsession. They have so many fun things for nurseries/babies/life in general. I haven’t purchased anything…yet…but getting very close!

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