For the Love of Peanut Butter (and Fridays)

I decided to take the day off workouts. I’ve had 5 already this week, and my body definitely needed a break today. Rest days = extremely necessary!

I’ve also been waking up ‘starving’ at 6am every day this week.  I’ve been eating so much lately, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Today’s breakfast of champions:

Let me introduce to you the “grilled PB sandwich”. I saw it on Pinterest once, and had a banana that needed to be eaten…so this happened.  Natural peanut butter, 1 cut up banana, drizzle of honey on multigrain bread: grill on the frying pan the same way you’d make a grilled-cheese sandwich. It’s your classic PB & banana sandwich, warmed up! Enough to make you feel like a big kid again :)

I’ve been keeping busy over the past 24 hours trying to unpack and sort through the multitude of boxes that came in our sea shipment yesterday.

The rest of our stuff!

This morning I had some retail therapy at Lululemon:

Lulu Ohm Bag- This is going to be used as my diaper bag!
(or as they say here in Oz, “nappy bag”)

A couple of workout tops that were on sale.
I always keep a look out for them when the $ is reduced.
More inspiration to work out, right?
Pure Balance water bottle.
I’ve wanted a glass one for awhile now!!

I also scoped out a local health food store, Vive. I have been meaning to purchase some protein powder for awhile so that I can use it in my smoothies again. However, the natural stuff is really hard to come by in regular grocery stores here, so I just haven’t gotten around to buying any.  After a lengthy discussion with the dietician, I bought Tony Sfeir’s natural whey protein isolate. I kind of wanted the pea or rice protein (chocolate or vanilla), but I’ll try that next time.

This store offers the tubs in various sizes, or you can actually buy it in bulk! I’ve never seen this before!

I got a tub of it for $7.00 (the comparable size in Tony Sfeir tub was $26.99). I really like how they offer this option! I’ve received a couple other recommendations lately for natural products/supplements, and will be looking into trying out some other protein products as well.

I also got some raspberry leaf tea that is apparently quite good for women during either 1) that time of the month and 2) getting the uterus ready for labour! Well, let’s just say I need all the help I can get. I’ll try this out and see how it goes. It doesn’t really smell all that wonderful and, as quoted on the box, “tastes nice mixed with other teas.” Which probably means it tastes like a dirty tree branch on its own. I’ll report back after I test it out- it’s too hot outside right now and all I want is an ice-cold margarita..uhhh, I mean lemonade.

Hopefully you’re all having a great Friday and looking forward to a fun-filled weekend, wherever you are! Mine is pretty jam-packed:

Tonight = Adam and I are going to dinner at a friend’s house.

Tomorrow = Yoga, Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo, testing out our pool which is finally ready to be used (it’s supposed to be a hot one), and continuing to organize our shipment (taking forever). 

Sunday = Day trip to Byron Bay (about 2 hours south of Brisbane).


I won Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo tickets through another blogger’s giveaway: thanks sooo much to Bek @ Crave for express posting these to me! I’m definitely looking forward to checking out all of what Brisbane’s fitness industry has to offer. Since I’m on a winning streak, maybe I should enter the arm wrestling competition, too…

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