Just Another Fab Friday

Hello, Friday!

I started off the day with a breakfast of fruit (kiwis) and toast w/ peanut butter before diving into a last minute study session [I wrote a biomechanics test today, and so glad to have it over with!]

I was a little on the sleepy side today, so I made myself a latté before my studying commenced. If I could drink lots of caffeine right now, it would have been a double espresso morning!

Instead, I used 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate milk steamed overtop of 1 small coffee! It was a delicious morning treat and I felt ready to take on skeletal muscular function and biomechanics movement factors…fun times ahead.

After all of that was over with, I was definitely ready to get off my butt and go for a workout. I don’t know about you, but my body can definitely feel it when I need a cardio workout. It’s the ultimate cure for a case of “sluggishness”. Today was a 40-minute incline/speed walk on the treadmill. I used the same cardio format as I did a couple of weeks ago (see HERE), which still gave me a pretty good sweat! I DO look forward to running intervals again- I miss them. For now though, my belly and I are enjoying our incline walks!

Here’s a glimpse of my playlist from today (a few songs were cut off at the bottom):

One nice thing about walking on a treadmill is that I can skim through fitness magazines (you can’t really do this when running/jogging). It helps to pass the time, that’s for sure.

I’m loving a new Aussie fitness magazine: Women’s Fitness. It’s probably the best one that I’ve ever read!

I’m missing a few of my favourite North American ones though…

Thought I’d share two noteworthy pictures from the page that was open in my treadmill picture above. The article just addressed a few “Fitness Myths”. I like how these ones were explained:

Speaking of eating more, it’s just about dinner- we’re BBQ’ing up some basa fish, with couscous and corn on the cob! Looking forward to a busy and enjoyable weekend here in Brisbane. I’ll be sure to update on my shenanigans, as long as our internet connection holds up. Have a good one!!!

PS- The answer is B!!!!! Right?

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