Lulu Lovin’ in Oz

Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was pretty low-key around here, which is fine by me. I started pre-natal yoga and reeeeally enjoyed it. So much better than my pre-natal pilates experience last week!

Yes, it’s slower paced, but I found it to be very complementary to my fitness regime. In preparation, I had to buy a yoga mat (I left my old one back in Canada). Guuuuess what I found in Brisbane….
Lulu! YAY! Contrary to the Lululemon fashion shows at every Canadian gym, it’s actually not very popular here…yet. However, the prices are the same as its competitors, and the quality of the products is sooo much better. 
I bought the lululemon align mat, as it best serves my purposes right now. I probably should have chosen a darker colour because they start to “look dirty” so quickly, but the pink and grey mat won me over!
Lululemon Align Mat
$34.00 (AUD)
The girl working there (who is also Canadian- go figure) told me that tea tree oil takes out the stains on her mat!  It’s way less harsh on the material, plus has the ego-friendly factor. I’m not using tea-tree oil right now (apparently it’s one of those pregnancy no-no’s), but will definitely use it when I’m able to again! Here’s a tutorial for how to clean your mat with essential oils:
The mat was my only purchase this time at Lululemon, but I have plans to go back later this week with a few “necessary” items in mind. I’ll keep you posted on my shopping escapades. 
Last night, we were awoken at about 3am by possums running around on our roof! They are so small, but SO loud! We were warned by Adam’s coworkers that we’d hear them at some point soon. It honestly sounded like crazed elementary children on a playground rampage.
This is an urban possum:
They are nocturnal and come out at night (we’ve seen them creeping around the trees and tightrope walking along our fence…and now they are tap-dancing on our roof). Weird.
Despite our rude awakening, we were still up early.  Adam to his gym, I to mine. I’ve been obsessed lately with this breakfast fuel. I literally ate it 4 days in a row last week!
Oatmeal (cooked) w/ cinnamon and slivered almonds
Chopped up Kiwi (or 2)
Vanilla Yogurt
Had a great group fitness workout (spin class), and now I’m sitting here enjoying a post-workout snack of hardboiled eggs and a natural fruit/veggie juice. It’s still too early for lunch!
I have SO MUCH school work to get caught up on today, as I was a total slacker last week. So, that’s what I’ll be doing for the afternoon, as well as making meal plans and buying food for our dinners this week.  Always a good idea to do this at the beginning of the week so to ensure you have healthy food around; it’s way too easy to slack off in the dinner department when you’re tired at the end of the day with nothing planned and nothing in the fridge!  
Oh, and before I sign off for the day, check out these second-hand baby shoes that I found this past weekend at a Baby Market in Brisbane.  I just had to share. They’re all in perfectly amazing condition (some never even worn).  I’m not planning on buying all of our baby stuff second hand, but when you can find designer/name brand clothing and furniture for a couple of dollars, then DO IT!  
Baby Keds
Beach Ready!

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