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I had full intentions to attend a spin class this morning.  However, last night’s miserable sleep left me feeling soooo groggy and dysfunctional this morning that a fitness class was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do.

I decided that a long, brisk walk would be a much more enjoyable form of exercise today. I’m finding as I get older, I am enjoying ‘walking’ more and more. I rarely walk for exercise, though. Usually it’s just to run errands or sight see (or walk my little Macy back in Calgary). Otherwise, cardio workouts have always taken the form of running, cycling, jumping, busting a move on the dance floor with my girlfriends…etc! Anyway, walking is a weight bearing exercise and can totally be heart-pumping if you want it to be.  With this in mind, I hauled out my “walking shoes” and out into the world I went!

Nike Free Runs- My favourite shoe for moderate physical activity
(I’m currently using THESE Asics for running, plyometrics, and any lateral movement exercise)

Aaaaand 15 seconds later, I was back in my house.  Not only was today the coldest we’ve experienced yet in Brisbane, it was also the windiest. The wind was so wild that it actually tore one of our patio sun coverings right out of its hinges. Any contact lens wearer knows: outdoors + sand/gravel + windstorm = not your friend.

So, I quickly made a 40 minute playlist on my iPod and off I went to the gym for a treadmill workout. Let me tell you- you can definitely get a decent cardio session even by walking, as long as you push yourself with speed and incline.  I used this outline today:

It was kind of fun letting the music determine my changes in incline. I recommend it for anyone who:

a) enjoys walking as a form of exercise
b) may not be feeling 100%
c) looking for a moderate intensity cardio workout

After the gym, I had a major smoothie craving! I wanted a bit of protein, but haven’t been making protein powder shakes too much since my pregnancy began (and not at all since moving to Oz).  I asked my doctor about a few brands this week, so I’ll be on the hunt for a healthy choice without all the preservative-filled, processed stuff that I keep seeing everywhere here.

All I really had in my fridge that would work for protein was cottage cheese.  So that’s what happened:

Cottage Cheese Fruit Smoothie
mixed frozen berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry)
two servings of cottage cheese
strawberry yogurt
chia seeds
2% organic milk
(*also added a tiny bit of raw sugar for taste)

On a different topic… I made the Facebook jump! An astounding 20 “likes” in two days- haha. Yeaaah buddy. Feel free to jump on the bandwagon (there’s a link in the right-hand side bar).

I also wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has been returning to read Femme Fitale- whether it has been once, a few times, or even daily. There are many of you who have been with me right from the start (you know who you are). I appreciate your support SO much.  Every day for the past week or two, I’ve been receiving emails and messages from readers and friends regarding my relatively new adventure in the blogging world, and let me tell you- I am so grateful for the encouragement and kind words. This blogging business can be kind of intimidating, but I’ve continued with it because of the support and inspiration received from my friends and readers. I’m having a such blast writing FF everyday, and look forward to sharing many more health, fitness, food, and general life adventures with you all.


Happy weekend :)

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