Egg-cellenté, Presidenté

It’s been a nice, relaxing day so far. Shopping for baby furniture, brunch with some fellow expat ladies, and a coffee catchup with an Aussie friend. For brunch this morning, I ordered a veggie omelette (with feta)…wish I had taken a picture of the deliciousness; it was consumed at far too rapid of a pace for me to even think of snapping a photo.

I must admit, have a slight obsession with eggs lately. Even in my first trimester, they remained one of my go-to foods that didn’t make me feel extremely ill by the sight/smell of them. I used to mix egg whites (from a box) with one whole egg, but since moving to Australia, I’ve strictly stuck with the real deal.

Thought this picture was egg-actly fitting for today’s post! 😉


My top 5 ways to prepare & eat eggs at home:
In no particular order…

1.  Omelettes 

This picture was snapped before our at-home brunch this past weekend.  A 3-egg omelette (one yoke removed) with tomato, mushrooms, spinach, cheddar, and sliced avocado on top!

2.  Scrambled

…for when the omelette does not cooperate with your flipping skills.  It’s a lot quicker, too!

3. Hard Boiled

No fuss.  Great source of protein for breakfast and snacks.  #worththestink

4. Frittata

For when you have a little extra time.  Or have people over for brunch.  Or just want to pretend that you are a mini Martha Stewart.  Actually, let’s be serious…frittatas are super easy.  Even easier than quiche (which I haven’t included here).  Plus, you get left-overs!

My frittata recipe: here!

5. Breakfast Sandwich

Probably my favourite. I could honestly eat a breakfast sandwich morning, noon, or night. I would add some turkey bacon if I could, but it seems to be non existent here in Australia. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how nasty the “bacon” is here. However, it’s probably a good thing I dislike it so much!

There you have it. My “fave five” that I regularly make at home. As you can see, I’m not big on runny yolks.  Actually, I’m not even supposed to be eating partially cooked eggs during pregnancy anyway, so it’s not an issue.  To each his (or her) own!

Did you know that “they say” the amount of folds in a chef’s hat represent the number of ways he/she can prepare an egg?  Funny. Here are some more great and super simple ideas for cracking your eggs from Shape Magazine:

20 Things To Make w/ Eggs! @

I’m not going to get into the pros/cons/nutritional aspects of eating whole eggs (as opposed to just egg whites), as I am not a dietician. However, I will be honest in that I am not very concerned about the cholesterol from this food. It’s VERY different than that from saturated fats, and there has been a great deal of research over the past decade to redefine what good and bad cholesterol is.  Read more HERE and HERE!

Best combo ever!

Well, I better get crackin’ on this school work that I’ve been putting off over the past couple of days…

(That one is dedicated to my “punniest pal”, Jocelyn!)  


Have a great day/night!

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