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As I was cleaning out a few remaining, unpacked boxes this afternoon, low and behold…



I’ve been looking everywhere for this tattered thing, and was starting to get worried that I’d left it back in Canada.  I began an exercise book over a year ago in which I’ve developed and recorded my personal workout plans. It’s been toted to and from the gym for almost a year, until I hit my second trimester and have been sticking to Body Pump as my sole resistance training regime.

Lately I’ve had several requests via email for a new workout. I really wanted to post my 5-day circuit workout, which is one that I did last September-November. Honestly, I made up this workout after the (northern hemisphere) Summer ’11 in an attempt to keep in shape throughout the fall as the cold weather set upon us. Let me tell you- I was probably in the best gym-shape I’ve been in recent history during this workout program! I’m quite happy to have found this book so I can share it all with you.

It’s fairly comprehensive and it is also taking a bit of time for me to organize it into computer documents, so I am going to be posting it over the course of 3-4 different days (all of the links will be added to my Fitness Page tab at the top of my blog)!!!
Also, please keep in mind that this is definitely a little more intense of a workout and needs to be completed in FULL! There might be a couple “funny moves” within it, and there are times you’ll have to bust into a full out minute of cardio to raise your heart rate between sets….but it needs to happen for the best results :)  No one really cares what anyone else does or looks like at the gym; at least that’s what I tell myself anyway when I’m doing high knees by myself in the corner…


So to start, here is the Workout Overview as well as Circuit A.  Over the next few days, I’ll post the Cardio/Core and Circuits B & C, for a complete workout plan that will last you a couple of months.  Combined with a good diet, you will definitely see results!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. Also, you are more than welcome to request any of The 5 Day Total Body Shape Up documents via email, and I’ll send them over to you for printing so you can start a workout book of your own.

I advise you to take a pen with you on your first day of each circuit to record the amount of weight that you use for each exercise, so that ever couple of weeks you can increase the load.

I can’t wait to do this again! Bye bye, baby weight  :)

Workout Overview

Side Note: This is a 5-day per week training plan that should last you a couple of months. 
Your two other days of the week should be consumed by light cardio, yoga, a fun activity, or pure rest!!! (Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could get a total body makeover in just 5-days?! hah)
Circuit A

Exercise Photo Examples

Back Kick w/ Shoulder Press


Dumbbell Rows

Forward Lunges

Pelvic Lifts

Step-Ups w/ Dumbbells

Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs

Reverse Plank w/ Leg Lift

Standing (or Sitting) Close Grip Lat Pull Downs



Mountain Climbers


Cross-Over Lunges w/ Hammer Curls
Do them simultaneously 


Static Lunges w/ Side Lateral Raise

One-Leg Pelvic Lifts


Basic Crunch & Reverse Crunch


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