Foto Recap (18/11/12)

Just a few pics from the weekend :)
Some healthy French Toast to kick things off.
Laughs @ Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast.  Windy but warm!

From beautiful sun to the craziest, stormiest weekend I’ve ever seen!  Guess we’re not used to these in Canada, but apparently there were 33 000 lightning touchdowns in the Brisbane/southeast Queensland area!  I would have liked to get more pictures, but Adam made me stay in the basement 😉

Watching the pool overflow!

The neighbour’s patio chair went flying and got stuck in their balcony like this…

Part of our patio wall completely broke off and the wind also broke our wooden table (kind of weird watching the piece go flying across the backyard)!
House confined Sunday = Cookie baking time!
I used this Low Fat Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie recipe from (but added chopped up walnuts). Yum!

I spent the rest of the weekend trying my best not to scratch my stomach and arm to death. I have this crazy, pregnancy induced rash which is no fun at all and basically kept me up all night :(  I feel (and sadly, look) like I was bitten by 300 mosquitos. I’m thankful to have a nurse for a mother and pharmacist/nurse practitioner for an uncle who both gave me some pointers until my doctor’s appointment later this week. So far, this stuff has been essential, and I am feeling significantly better (i.e.: less like burying myself in a hole).

Opened my last container of prenatal vitamins yesterday.  My third trimester has officially commenced…eeeek!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)


2 Thoughts on “Foto Recap (18/11/12)

  1. Hahha love the last pic! How crazy was that storm? Where we were it there was a good portion of very little thunder but HEAPS of rain and lightning, which made for lovely storm viewing. Ps. That chair looks hilarious, haha! Hopefully everyone was alright though..

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