SHAPE’n Up For The Weekend

It’s a gloomy, rainy Friday here in Brisbane, but hot and humid nonetheless. A perfect day for studying at the library, right? Wrong. I’ve been trying to haul myself through an excruciatingly boring unit and just needed a change of scenery. Eyes.Glazing.Overrrrrr…


After 3 glorious hours of irritation and inhaling the stench of some guy’s rancid body odour next to me, I made my way home to find a few packages (eBay baby things) awaiting me. I don’t know about you, but I always get so excited when I receive a package or even a letter in the mail! Bad mood gone.

This also arrived today :)

The folks over at Shape Magazine Australia noticed one of my recent blog post where I complained about missing my ‘North American Shape Magazine’. Apparently there is an Australian version which I didn’t know about, so they sent me one to check out- amazing! I’ve flipped though a few pages and it looks just as great as my trusty go-to US version. I am looking forward to toting this to the gym during my cardio sessions over the next couple of days. Thanks, guys!

Side note: I definitely need to write down a few pointers from Pink, who had a baby not even a year ago; nice abs!

Dinner for one tonight…

I was VERY close to going for the token “eating alone cereal option”, but thought that the ‘little guy’ probably requires something healthier. So instead of a 10 second meal prep, I opted for this 3 minute one (+ 15 minutes oven time). Definitely worth it.

Baked Basa, Moroccan Quinoa, Spinach

Well, my Friday night is actually going to consist of doing a few more hours of school work. Laaaame, I know. However, due to our lack of internet last week, I am severely behind schedule for some assignments due next week.

As promised, here is Day 2 & 4 of The Total Body Shape Up workout that I introduced yesterday! It includes a 40-minute cardio interval workout (machine of choice) followed by core/abdominal exercises, as detailed below.

Hope you are all having/had a fantastic Friday!

Core Exercise Examples

Stability Ball Crunch

Reverse Crunch
Bicycle Crunch

Russian Twists
Side Plank
Side Crunch
V Sit

4 Thoughts on “SHAPE’n Up For The Weekend

  1. I haven't seen the Australian Shape! I enjoy Women's Health though and Healthy Food guide and Super Food Ideas for recipes :) How hot does Pink look?! God I love her! and hate her bod 😉 Haha

  2. Ohh, it's great and jam packed!! Love it!

    I'll have to look into Healthy Food Guide/Super Food… still getting familiarized with all these “new” magazines!

  3. Hi Kelly, what are you studying?

  4. I'm doing my Personal Fitness Instruction diploma through NAIT in Alberta, Canada. It's a more intensive coursework than most PFT certifications, as I'll be eligible to write the CSEP (Canadian Sport and Exercise Physiology) exam upon completion.
    (I also have a two bachelor degrees in Psychology and Education).


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