Take A Moment

It’s Remembrance Day. As always, I am making sure to take a moment to be remember.

My Grandfathers

I am not going to engage in a long rant about this, but it needs to be said that I’m disappointed to hear so many people refer to this as a just another “long weekend”.  I recall this time last year driving past an unnamed Calgary bar. They had a giant poster of scantily clad women in military inspired outfits with the slogan, “Join Us For A Night You’ll Never Remember.” Ugh. So gross and disrespectful.  I have even read on the CBC news that many parents are keeping their kids home on Monday, just because they feel it should be a 3-day “holiday long weekend”. What is this teaching our future generation? Makes me so sad!

Annnnyway, I spent several hours today at a photography workshop where I learned absolutely nothing.  I was definitely cranky about it; I hate wasting time!!! Since then, I’ve been home working away on my assignments and rummaging around for food (I was slack on the grocery shopping this week…bad me).  I had intended to post Circuit B of the 5-Day Total Body Shape Up workout, but I’m leaving it for tomorrow, as I am so swamped with my school work and I’m feeling abnormally exhausted this evening.  WOW!  I’m a barrel of fun, aren’t I?

Hope it’s been a wonderful weekend for you all :)

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