Walkin’ On Sunshine!

Side note: I’m so sad…I lost pretty much ALL of my reader comments from the past 5 months. I deleted the terrible commenting system that I previously had (which wasn’t working very well) and will be revamping a few things on the blog in the next couple of weeks.  It should be easier to comment now (and will continue to improve), but if you are looking for your past posts, they have seemingly disappeared :(   Looking forward to getting all of my formatting issues figured out soon! xxo

Yessss! All of my assignments done and submitted for the week! After spending the last 5-6 days slumped over my keyboard like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, my body/mind definitely require a time out.

It was a beautiful day here in Brisbane, so I decided to take advantage of the perfect weather and headed out for a 45 minute walk. Normally, I’m a runner/jogger. My idea of ‘walking’ in the past only involved a leash and a white golden doodle. However, running just hasn’t been a good fit for me during this pregnancy (I started hating it towards the end of my 1st trimester), so I’ve stuck with more low-impact cardio. I have some friends who’ve run all the way up into their third trimester, and even heard of a woman who ran the Calgary marathon at 34 weeks! Everyone’s body responds differently, so it’s important to choose the right fit for you.

Plus, walking has a lot going for it! I definitely was sweating by the time I reached my driveway again.


A few iPhone shots from my fast-paced stroll:

Great pathways along the Brisbane River. Perfect for running, walking, cycling, etc.

If I hadn’t killed my triceps yesterday at Body Pump, I would have stopped here to do some dips! Finding a bench during your walks/runs to throw in a little resistance training is a great, added benefit to your workout. Hmmm… maybe this calls for a “Bench Workout” post. I’m making a mental note of this :)

And some pretty plumerias, adding aesthetic appeal to the neighbourhood sidewalks!

Okay, today is the last post for my 5-Day Total Body Shape Up Workout! Although I’m not following this program right now (it’s too strenuous for my 6-month pregnant self), it’s from my workout book that I made last year. I followed this workout plan for 2 months and saw great results (I then hit report card season and fell off the bandwagon…bad me).

If you have any questions about the exercises or the plan itself, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am also able to email you a PDF copy of the workouts and exercise photos if you find that easier for printing purposes.


*Remember that after completion of Circuit C, rest and repeat!!! (and don’t forget to have at least a 10 minute easy cardio warm up)

Circuit C Exercises
Those that have appeared in Circuit A & B, I have not re-posted.

Up & Down Plank

Front Arm Raises
Lateral (Side) Arm Raises
Static Lunges w/ Front Arm Raise
– keep front foot planted
-combine these two movements:

Static Lunges w/ Lateral Arm Raises
-keep front foot planted
-combine these two movements:

Glute Kickbacks
-hold and squeeze at the top, keeping sole parallel with ceiling

Laying Side Leg Lifts
-hold and squeeze at top

Sumo Squat Bottom Half Pulses
(stay in this position and pulse up/down, no more than 2” either direction)


2 Thoughts on “Walkin’ On Sunshine!

  1. What a view for walking! As if you'd want to run past that! If you live anywhere near there you're a lucky girl, I'm in the suburbs! I agree with the perks of walking- people underestimate just how good it is for you!!!

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