What’s In My Cart? (11/12)

Here are a few recent, fuss-free, grocery cart items.  And yes, I will continue to call it a ‘cart’, despite the fact that the cashiers here look at me funny.

The Aussie word for cart -> trolley.

Sorry. Can’t do it.

The Adventurous Vegetable
Adam got me hooked on beets a few years ago. I never really ate them growing up, but I just keep loving them more and more! They aren’t a weekly staple in my produce selection (which includes things like tomatoes, spinach, peppers, cucumber, onion, broccoli, etc). However, if you plan something to make with them in advance, then they are delightful.  I used these for a beet salad last week, shown below!

Beet Salad
boiled fresh beets on spinach leaves
w/ pipitas, pine nuts and sunflower seeds
dressing: juice from one orange, olive oil, 1 tsp sugar

The Random Condiment

I am an olive oil fan and tend to use it (+ balsamic vinegar) in my salads instead of bottled dressing. I saw this basil-infused version for $3.99, so I thought I would give it a try. It’s SO great, and you can really taste the basil. A nice change from ‘ol regular.

The Smoothie Necessities

One small yogurt wasn’t always enough for my smoothies/shakes. They are great for work/school lunches and on-the-go snacks, but when you are just dumping it into a concoction, then a bigger tub is the way to go. It saves you lots of $$!

I ALWAYS have frozen berries on hand. Berries are super expensive to buy fresh here in Australia (e.g.: $8 for a small pint of raspberries). They are also really expensive to buy fresh in the off-season in North America, or oftentimes non-existent! Plus, when you blend them into your shakes, you don’t need to add ice cubes. Keep and eye out if/when they go on sale and stock up…it’s worth it!

The Oatmeal Additive

I add walnuts to my oatmeal. I prefer them to almonds and other nuts in my hot morning cereal! I mix them with the dry oats and then cook everything together (among other ingredients).


The Topping

One of my favourite morning or afternoon snacks is a yogurt, cottage cheese, and berry/fruit combo. Sprinkling some healthy granola on top definitely perfects and completes the compilation (there are some scary sugary ones out there, so beware)!

 The Dessert

Dark chocolate is a frequent purchase in my house. I’m not a huge dessert person, but sometimes after a dinner, a few of these blocks go a long way!

So, maybe an idea or two in there for your grocery shopping pleasure. I always enjoy seeing what other people are buying in their grocery order, as the same old “staple foods” can get tedious. These ones were all very basic, but easy to forget about (e.g.: walnuts/nuts for oatmeal, etc).

Off to have some dinner and then get ready for my prenatal yoga class!

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