A Few Thoughts & A New Look

Hopefully you all had a lovely weekend. I woke up Saturday morning in Australia to hear of the tragic news from Connecticut- another school shooting.  I had a blog post idea ready for the weekend, but to be honest, I just didn’t feel up to it after spending an hour reading about everything that had happened in Newtown. My heart feels incredibly torn for those children, teachers, and families. Having spent many years practicing lock-down drills in the classroom, I felt enormous empathy while recounting the stories. It’s so painful to imagine.

There’s a lot of information being published in the media right now: news updates, gun regulation spiels, personal stories, and the push for mental health research and assistance. Regardless of the angle that anyone takes on Friday’s events, I don’t think it changes the astonishment or sadness we all feel for what occurred. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy.

We can’t forget about the GOOD that exists in this world, though.  I saw this video and had to pass it along. It doesn’t change, heal, or negate what happened, but serves as a reminder that amongst the darkness, there is always light.

This is pretty awesome as well :)

Back tomorrow with a typical post for you! As you can see, there was a bit of an overhaul here on the blog! There are still a few touchups and formatting issues that I am trying to sort out (e.g.: centre alignment that I can’t seem to switch) but you get the idea. Hope you like it!

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