Foto Recap (3/12/12)

A few photos from our restful weekend. After a week of battling bad head colds and a touch of the flu, we are now on the road to recovery around here!
A late morning excursion to Mudjimba Beach on the Sunshine Coast definitely helped!

So did these beach treats…

Weekend restaurant feed: Prawn & Avocado salad w/ mixed greens, shredded carrots/beets, and macadamia nuts (which were the most delicious addition…ever). I also had a pineapple juice, which ALWAYS reminds me of the Caribbean…no coconut rum this time around, though!

A trip to the bakery for dessert…
We went with the chocolate & coconut brownie squares, which were obviously delicious!

My weekend obsession: watermelon. I wish someone would just stand in my kitchen and serve me watermelon slices allllllll day long.

I love snail mail!!!! Especially in the form of packages from friends in Canada. Too cute. Thanks, Eryn! xxo

And the prize for most unfortunate picture from the weekend…

We had Adam’s work Christmas party on Friday night. Sadly, this was the only photograph taken from the evening’s festivities. See ya later, Movember!
(PS- for those who know my Dad, how much do I creepily resemble him in this photo? hahaha)

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