In Knead

Today, this happened:


Minus the fact that I did not receive a head rub because I was at an awkward, pregnancy-induced, pillow-created elevation that didn’t really allow for it. Oh well. It was SO helpful for my legs and back, which have really been bothering me lately.

I also didn’t have a flower in my hair, or petals scattered around me…unfortunate.

I DID get to use a “pregnancy massage table” though, so that I could lie on my stomach. Anyone who has ever been pregnant will totally understand how incredibly amazing it feels to lie face down again! Stick that belly in there and you’re good to go.


I met a woman at Adam’s Christmas party last week who, while pregnant, would go to the beach, dig a hole, and lie face down with her belly in it because she missed it so much! hahah

Laugh now, but don’t be surprised if I reenact this method in the near future 😉

This is my 3rd massage within the past 7 months, which is probably somewhat equivalent to the amount of massages that I’d ever accumulated in my pre-pregnancy life. I suppose that I used to see massage as a bit self-indulgent and something to get spoiled with, for the sole purpose of relaxation and pleasure.  However, the older I get and the more I read about massage benefits, the more my opinion has changed.

If you have massages, what is your main reason? 

Although I do agree that massages are relaxing, I personally just see this as a bonus and could probably find other techniques for relaxation that are more cost effective! I’m definitely in with the Relief From Acute Pain (muscular) group.  I agree with the Self Care philosophy as well!

I can’t begin to stress [no pun intended] how great RMT is for people, especially those who work out and lift weights frequently. Oh, and please note that I said RMT, which is different than Therapeutic Spa Massage. The training of the individuals is much different. A nice, relaxing hot stone massage while on vacation? Or a lovely Christmas/Birthday gift? Sure, spa it up…but for regular massage, I will be sticking with a certified RMT.

Plus, most health benefits these days cover RMT costs. All the more reason to work out those knots and feel a million times better.

Has anyone tried any massage techniques at home?

Have you ever used a foam roller?


I keep hearing great things. I may need to read up on this fitness trend and try it out myself!

Now, these guys have it all figured out…


5 Thoughts on “In Knead

  1. I live for my foam roller – its amazing and I swear by it for aching muscles, stretching etc. I even bring a small travel size one with me to tournaments. Its especially good for your hamstrings and the notorious IT Band.

    If you don't have a foam roller a quick fix is a large water bottle.

  2. I will be purchasing this weekend :)

  3. Get a foam roller ASAP! I use mine daily if not twice daily. They are so good and my body loves it. I start noticing the difference after 1 or 2 days without it. I'd love to get more massages but it's more a cost thing with me. I'm with you on the deep tissue massage stuff- it's much better. HAHA that pregnancy bed cracks me up and omg that lady and the beach trick, I love it!

  4. I have at least 6 lying around. lol
    I used to force Martha to do it.

  5. If the physiotherapist says so, then I'm all over it!!! haha

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