Just a Little Monday Update

Hi there!  After a several day hiatus, I have returned as promised :)

One of my brother-in-laws, Colin, arrived last week to spend most of December here in Australia with us.  We spent this past weekend in a little spot on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa.  
Laid-back yet sophisticated, it may possibly be one of my favourite weekend getaway locations…ever. I’m so grateful that we live in such close proximity to beautiful places like this!

Sunshine Beach

The boys coming back from a swim.

Stopped in at Mooloolaba on the way back to Brisbane.

Strawberry smoothies on the beach? Yes, please! 
I’d had enough sun for the weekend, so I did some browsing along the Esplanade while the boys swam.

We also took the opportunity to get a few photos done while in Noosa as a way to remember this time in our lives! There it is, folks.  The 30+ week bump :)

So, all in all, it was a lovely weekend with great company and amazing food, which I regrettably do not have photos to show off. It all went straight into my growing belly!

We’re off to a rainy start here this week in Brisbane. I’ve just been spending the day organizing, grocery shopping, doing an easy bike cardio workout, and interviewed the GM at my fitness club for a personal training assignment I am working on this week.

Oh, and our dishwasher is officially the WORST APPLIANCE EVER. After two epic failures, I had to wash these all by hand today. It’s honestly one of my least favourite chores in existence, especially when it involves scrubbing 3/4 of the dishes in my cupboard.

When I came home from the gym, I was so grateful to see they had all been put away! I train my men well around here 😉

I’m off to do some organizing for my last test this week in biomechanics class and make some dinner (green curry with chicken, veggies and basmati rice).

Oh, but before I go, I wanted to share this photo taken on the street in Noosa (at Lorna Jane). I thought it was quite insightful.

Been there! Very true :)

5 Thoughts on “Just a Little Monday Update

  1. Al MacDuff on December 10, 2012 at 7:59 pm said:

    So happy you guys had such a great weekend away! It must be so nice to have family visiting! You look gorgeous- can't believe that little babe will be here in no time! XO

  2. Thanks Al. It's definitely nice to see a familiar face around here :)

  3. nominated you for the lieber award!!

  4. Isn't Noosa just amazing! Love the sunny coast :)

    Your pictures are beautiful, love your belly :)

  5. Thanks, Chelsea! and Bek!

    If I had a million $ (or several), I would have purchased a home along the canal in Noosa over the weekend. AMAZING PLACE!

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