On The 12th Day of Christmas

This morning while enduring the new Body Pump release, my mind drifted off during the squat track. I was remembering this time last year when I ran a holiday workout with my coworkers. In light of the festive spirit all around, I made The 12 Days of Christmas Workout…and it was tough.

Don’t be fooled by the Santa hat. Although this workout is Christmas-y and fun, it is also quite challenging! By the time you make it to your 9th round of burpees, you’ll be wiped. It’s an excellent challenger workout that’ll make you feel better about indulging in all of the holiday treats that are seemingly everywhere you turn the next week or two!
If you don’t understand any of the exercises, please ask! Many of them are shown throughout my 5-Day Total Body Workout, or very accessible by Google and YouTube.
Make sure to load up a solid 40 minute playlist for it as well.
I’ve spent the day sweating my you know what off. I don’t mean to complain, especially when I am normally in minus someridiculousnumber ºC right now, but it has been getting HOT. Pregnant + 35ºC + Humidity = Not Fun. Jump in the pool? Nope…the pump is broken and we can’t use it for a week! I swam laps yesterday at the gym, which helped substantially.
Otherwise, I’ve been trying to consume LOTS of water and craving every kind of fruit imaginable. This may possibly be the world’s best combo:
I am obsessed. Does anyone else hate cutting fruit as much as I do? Hahaha…so time consuming, yet so worth it.
Another parcel came for us!
Thanks so much to our good friends Jessica & Vince! They are actually on a work assignment here in Australia too, but waaaaay over in Perth (unfortunately for us). We received a big diaper (‘nappy’) bag jam packed with everything imaginable for a newborn. Jessica is an expert, with two little ones already on the go, so I appreciate all of her knowledge and insight. We are blessed to have such thoughtful and caring friends in our life!
The sun is finally setting, which means it’s getting cooler, which alsoooo means that I can start to make dinner and not swelter to death. Chicken quesadillas, here I come!

3 Thoughts on “On The 12th Day of Christmas

  1. Love the 12 days of Christmas workout, I did a similar post:)

  2. I like your pushup version! Yeah, these workouts “look” easy, but once you get going, they're intense!

  3. I'm feeling you with the heat! Except I'm not pregnant and it's hard enough. Phew! Love your Christmas themed workout- very cute :)

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