Sink or Swim

Last week, I went shopping for something out of MY ordinary. No dresses, shoes, or Lululemon attire came home with me. No groceries. No cosmetics. No household items.

Instead, I acquired these:

I’ve been getting so bored with my cardio workouts lately. To be honest, they’ve tapered off substantially. There is only so much steady state elliptical, treadmill, and stationary biking that I can handle. I can’t do interval training right now (elevates the heart rate way too much) and jogging has not been a good fit for me during pregnancy.  Step class is a little questionable (can’t risk taking a tumble) and at cardio classes like Body Attack, I would feel super awkward not being able to participate in half of the exercises.

So what’s a girl to do?

I’ve been feeling extremely sluggish without consistent cardio workouts, so I decided that I should start incorporating swimming into my routine.

A swim cap for the Rapunzels of the world…check!

Growing up, swimming was part of my weekly routine (sometimes several times a week). However, I believe the last “lap” I completed was during a swim team practice in grade 9. That’s when I left the pool to concentrate on basketball and soccer!

Since then, my pool time has consisted of cannon ball competitions and floating around on inflatable devices, with an occasional margarita on standby.

My gym has an outdoor lap pool which is almost always empty, so I thought I’d take advantage of the availability!

I did 30 laps, rotating between front crawl, breast stroke, and back crawl.

It was the best cardio workout I’ve had in awhile now, and I am SO happy that I decided to pick up swimming again.  My plan is to incorporate it into my workout plans twice a week (plus two other cardio days inside the gym) and see how it goes!


Good to know! Not sure I agree with the fact that it “helps control appetite.” I have been ravenous since getting home!!!

Post-swim snack before making some dinner…

…and a happy mail delivery (a DVD from our photographer in Noosa last weekend). Such cute packaging!

Ohhhh, and today is definitely an extra happy day around here because I am packing up these monsters for good:

Peace out, Applied Movement Mechanics! I finished up my two PFT courses today (including a final test that’s been eating away at me all week). I’m taking the next semester off due to the upcoming arrival of our little Bubs, so I am study/homework free until May!!!

Not a bad start to the weekend. Hope you are having a fabulous Friday, wherever you are :)

4 Thoughts on “Sink or Swim

  1. Yay for no more homework. Congratulations! Swimming is fantastic exercise. I've never been overly into it though. Even though my dad has a pool! I think I went in it twice last year.

  2. I am 5 months post partum and am still swimming. I swam 2-3 times per week while pregnant and it kept my cardio up as well as great upper body toning! Plus, at the end, it was the only activity that actually felt good! Have fun :-)

  3. Happy swim was a hit with you! omg i totally agree with you, swimming always made me way hungrier lol

  4. Sooo good to hear!! I'm going again tomorrow; I loved it and so did my body! haha

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