Stir Crazy

Yes, I realize that I’ve fallen off the blogging train this week.  Last Thursday, I was put on “modified bed rest” by my doctor.  Needless to say, this is my current state:


Modified Bed Rest

– No exercising (including swimming)
– No standing for long periods of time
– No walks or shopping
– Limited use of staircases
– Limited household chores (I’m obviously okay with this one)

I know that it could be much worse than this.  Apparently 1 in 5 women are put on some kind of bed rest during the course of their pregnancy. I am just grateful at this point that I’m still able to move around the house, not confined to a bed. Also, I get to have my situation/status reevaluated on January 7th, so I am hopeful to receive the ‘okay’ to resume normal life. It’s difficult going from moderate daily exercise to nothing; I’m feeling so lethargic! I’ve definitely contemplated climbing a eucalyptus tree to join the koalas, as that is probably where I’d fit in well right about now.

What I’ve Been Doing To Pass The Time:
1. Eating. Obvs.
2. Responding to emails, messages, etc.
3. Sleeping and napping. Quite possibly my favourite.
4. Sweating to death. It’s hot and humid here.
5. Online shopping/browsing (still a bunch of baby items I need).
6. Feeling sorry for myself, then feeling bad about for feeling sorry for myself! It could be worse, Kelly.
7. Dexter.
8. Staring at the wall.
9. Hanging out with my brother-in-law and inlaws (wish I could be more lively with them visiting).
10. Luckily I was still able to join Adam and Colin for a weekend trip down the coast to Coolangatta. My doctor said, “No walks on the beach, either!!!” So, I parked myself under an umbrella for most of the weekend and did lots of people watching and staring at the ocean (which is much nicer than staring at the wall).

Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast (Surfer’s Paradise in background)

We met up with one of Adam’s coworkers who was also on the Gold Coast visiting her mother. I had to take a photo of the most adorable baby gift of life that she gave to us:

Baby Burberry Zip-Up
(Back View)

11. Pinterest’ing. However, everything I seem to pin is either 1) clothing meant for -20º North American winter weather or 2) clothing that I couldn’t fit into if I tried right now. Still fun to browse, nonetheless!

Today’s Fave Pinned Cold-Weather Outfit:


Fave Summer Item Pinned Today (Beach Cover Up)
I’m currently on the hunt for a few here in Oz. This one is Missoni ($$$), so not something I’d ever purchase- but the right idea!


Most random pinned item that is seemingly applicable to my everyday life:
There was a lot more pinning and browsing happening, but just wanted to share a few! I’m off to do a few things around the house, but I swear that I will reeeeeally try to be creative over the next little while in developing some blog topics! It’s tough when I can’t do anything fitness related, or stand for a long time baking/cooking new things, etc. Stay tuned 😉

2 Thoughts on “Stir Crazy

  1. Oh no! Feeling for you girl. I hope everything is okay. If you need some distraction- get on the Jersey Shore bandwagon. It's so good! We watched 2 seasons in less than a week.

  2. Hahah, Snooki and I have spent lots of time together over the past couple of years. Best to watch as a marathon, but sadly we always PVRd it each week. So bad, but so good!

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