A Few Thoughts (24/01/13)

1. I’ve concluded that it’s somewhat of a challenge trying to write posts for a fitness and healthy lifestyle blog when my life has become about as exciting and fast-paced as my sweet, 98-year old great aunt’s (she lives in a convent). Just sayin’.
2. Oatmeal is the perfect food. I don’t think I will ever get sick of it! I’ve eaten it every day this week, different combos each time. It’s very much worth the extra morning effort than a bowl of cold cereal. Oh, and blueberries were actually under $3.00 this week- it’s a porridge miracle!

3. I’ve never been so grateful for a crap-weather forecast. I know, I know- sorry to my family and friends who are suffering through -20º degree weather lately in east coast Canada; I don’t mean to complain about the heat. However, I feel like I have a 25lb. medicine ball strapped to my abdomen and these Aussie temperatures make me violently irritable. 

After yoga class on the weekend…barf.

This morning! LOVE! And yes, I was up at 5am, just like every day lately. Sleep has apparently become a thing of the past. 

4. How about these gym leggings? As seen on Pinterest. So wrong on so many levels.

5. Our baby Bubs apparently has the longest hair my doctor has seen in years. She actually called the secretary in to have a marvel. Check out this a-maze-ing mullet in the making! Baby hair brush = purchased!

6. Adam: half husband, half exterminator. We had our balcony doors open the other night, and in FLEW an Australian cockroach. Yes…they fly (and then turn into mini Usain Bolts once hitting the ground). No…I will never get used to it.

7. What do you think of Justin Timberlake’s new, long-awaited song? I was pumped about this release last week, simply to be left disappointed. I count on JT for good workout tunes; not this time. I suppose it’s just a different genre/feel than I was expecting. 

8. I really need to stop googling symptoms for anything “out of the ordinary”. I know better. Just can’t help myself.

9. I made a playlist to bring along with me to the hospital on “labour day”. It’s a combination of low-key favourites and peaceful yoga music. My friend Emily recommended “The Best of Wah”, and when I downloaded it, realized quickly that I’ve listened to her album MANY times at yoga.  So good! I’ve linked my favourite song below. 

If I only make a 4 1/2 hour playlist, the whole process will only take 4 1/2 hours…right? 😉

Bolo Ram

That’s pretty much all for today! We’re looking forward to the Australia Day long weekend here. No big plans yet, but sometimes those weekends turn out to be the best kind :)

4 Thoughts on “A Few Thoughts (24/01/13)

  1. I hope you have a great long weekend! Haha, I can tell you a scary story about flying cockroaches- I once ran down my long hallway as one flew after me.. I've never been the same. I don't really like the cold weather but it is a nice break from the heat (and I'm not preggas either hah!). Oh and those leggings are rank ha.

  2. I nearly jumped for joy when I saw the bluberries were $2.80! I bought 3 cartons :) I am hoping the JT song grows on me…I am slightly disappointed at the moment! Hope you have a great long weekend :)

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