Bed Rest, Be Gone!

Bed Rest = Officially Over!!!

I know that it had to be done in order to slow down my pre-term labour risks, but I was honestly going insaaaaane! I can’t physically ‘push it’ again, but at least I can resume easy swimming, yoga, walking, and even light weights if it feels okay. I don’t know about you, but when I have a period of doing absolutely nothing, I begin to feel extremely lethargic. Too much rest seems to work against me- always has.

So, it was back to the gym today. Into the pool I went for some low intensity lap swimming. When I arrived, both lanes were taken. I was just going to join in with one of the other swimmers, but he casually moved over to squeeze in and share with the other person. Life Rule #6925: give the preggo lady her own swimming lane. Hmm…might as well enjoy such consideration while it lasts!  😉
I felt a million times better after my swim. And very hungry. Naturally.
This obviously lead to a full day of my favourite pastime- snacking. Some of today’s new snack finds at the neighbourhood health food market:
Roasted Chickpeas! Yum. They are a delicious and healthy alternative to peanuts or chips.
As I have said many times before, fewer things are more exciting than receiving packages in the mail. Right?! Our friends Jessica and Vince have been so good to us already by sending a baby bag full of every newborn essential item imaginable. We just received another box filled with some of her baby boy’s clothing that he’s outgrown. SO THOUGHTFUL! There are even premie outfits (just incase), but we’re all hopeful that they won’t be used 😉
I think our little Bubs has more clothing than Adam and I combined; he will certainly be a well dressed boy! These are all the clothes that Jessica sent! I’ll be adding them to his closet and dresser tonight. 
So, Australia is ridiculously hot right now. Many parts of the country are hanging out in the mid 40ºC range, and there are rampant fires all around as well. We are fortunate to be several degrees cooler here in Brisbane, not to mention steering clear of the fires.

I am definitely feeling the heat…this time of year, I am used to plugging in my vehicle to ensure the battery doesn’t die due to the frigid Calgary temperatures! Plus, 9 months pregnant is pretty much equivalent to a walking furnace. Lots of water drinking going on here.

Well, dinner awaits me…

It’s too hot for food. Plus, my stomach is a little off tonight. Cereal, extra raisins, and yogurt it is!!! Don’t judge 😉

3 Thoughts on “Bed Rest, Be Gone!

  1. I sometimes eat cereal for dinner too:) Love your blog! It's amazing:) Take care

  2. Breakfast for dinner is the best! :)
    Thank you for reading!

  3. Looks like a yum dinner! Awww the baby boy clothes are adorable :(
    Stay hydrated in this heat mumma :)
    Yay for no more bed rest!

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