Carrots & Cake

We did a little celebrating around here last night!

Someone turned a year older! I made him a carrot cake- his fave. It was actually a “carrot loaf”, which is probably wise, as I would just end up eating a cake in its entirety over the next couple of days! 
This was definitely not a healthy, lightened up version of cake. I did use light cream cheese in the icing, but that was only because there was no regular kind available at the grocery store! Sometimes, you just have to eat the real deal!!! 😉
I used a very similar recipe to THIS, but added the walnuts on top for fun.  I was quite happy with how it turned out and definitely recommend the recipe (you could make cupcakes, too)!
A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned how lovely it would be to have a magical fruit-cutting wizard in the kitchen, chopping fruit all day long. Well, my wishes came true, although the wizard is my mother-in-law. It was great to wake up to some freshly cut mango and pineapple this morning!
This also happened….carrot cake is a legitimate breakfast option, right?
I was excited to see a parcel arrive in the mail today. After receiving a friend’s recommendation (thanks Hannah!!), I decided to purchase some Aden and Anais muslin wraps for Bubs. I also ordered one of their Dream Blankets, as both were on sale from at Zanui (and I hadn’t seen them at a discounted price in the past 5 months that I’ve been eyeing them). I’m so happy that I waited until I found a sale. The quality is amazing and worth a few more $!

Even celebs are loving Aden and Anais! 
Well, luckily we have been escaping the rest of the ridiculous heat wave that has been engulfing most of Australia over the past week. It’s been in the low 30s here in Brisbane, which is warm, but tolerable! A lot of the states are hovering in the 40s though; Adelaide apparently hit 45º today!
With the warmer temperatures, I’m trying to drink more water…soooo thirsty lately! I saw these S’well water bottles on Pinterest and wondered if anyone else has seen them/used them? They’re supposed to keep liquids cold for hours and hours; I find mine turns to bath-like temperatures in the blink of an eye, so it caught my attention! They have lots of great reviews too. I’m not sure I really want to fork out $40 for a water bottle, but thought they were interesting nonetheless.
Tomorrow, Adam and I are attending a full day prenatal workshop at the hospital where I’ll be heading whenever Bubs decides to make an appearance! I’m looking forward to it, as the course focuses on the practical components of the whole pre- and post-labour process, etc. It’ll be a long day, especially for someone who is supposed to have her feet up all day/every day right now. At least if anything happens, I’ll be in the right place! 😉

2 Thoughts on “Carrots & Cake

  1. That cake looks awesome! Yes, sometimes the real deal is the only deal that'll do. 😉

  2. Awesome,Mouthwatering cake,I am on my toes to get recipe of this cake,Many thanks for a lovable post

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