Lucky 13

Happy New Year! Although 2012 was a great one, I am most definitely looking forward to all that 2013 has in store.

Macy was very thoughtful this Christmas and sent us a calendar to remind us of her fluffy cuteness allllll year long! hahah

It’s always interesting to take a look back to remember the good, the bad, and the ugly of the past year.

My 2012 Recap…

Became a certified group fitness instructor

My girls’ basketball team (which I coached in Calgary) won the district middle school championship

Vacationed in Roatán, Honduras (Bay Islands)

Started Femme Fitale

Made the final decision to relocate to Australia

Planned/attended my bestie Eryn’s bachelorette party in Montreal with all of our closest friends from university
Sold our house in Calgary
Said goodbye to the amazing staff and students at my middle school in (not easy)
Found out I was expecting our little Bubs
Found out what morning sickness was…

Found out what all-day sickness was…
Sold “Stella”/”The Scooter” (my first car)
Finished packing up our house and moved to the East Coast with my family for 6 weeks
My sweet, wonderful uncle Kevin passed away after a brief battle with cancer (definite low point of the year)
Was a bridesmaid in Eryn & Eric’s wedding on Prince Edward Island

Said a tearful goodbye to our dog, Macy, who would be staying on the East Coast with my parents
On the last day of the month, we moved to Brisbane, Australia

Found and furnished our house in Brisbane (we looove the view)
Started blogging again after a 3-month hiatus

Discovered Prenatal Yoga

Was very busy with school work for my personal fitness training correspondence program
Started growing a legitimate belly

Did a whole lot of missing my family and friends in Canada
Was put on bed rest :*(

Overall, it was a fairly eventful and successful year, though I do welcome 2013 with open arms. Luckily I am not triskaidekaphobic. Have you heard of this?! It’s apparently a condition where you have an irrational fear of the number 13!

Speaking of a new year, do you have any resolutions? Resolution: a firm decision to do or not do something. Seems simple enough. However, I always find resolutions are so much easier said than done. I think that everyone has something about themselves, big or small, that they’d like to improve in one way or another. I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe in new year’s resolutions, but in my opinion, personal improvement can be very healthy when it’s rational and the goals are attainable.

The typical New Year’s Resolutions tend to revolve around the following:

Lose weight
Quit smoking
Drink less
Change jobs
Pay off debts
Be more organized
Exercise more/Get Fit

After teaching middle school for awhile (a place where goal-setting is a standard procedure), I look at the above list and see the flaws with choosing any of them. They all are long term goals that require more than just a resolution (“to do or not to do”). They require the creation of short term mini-goals that lead up to the ultimate, long-term one.


Now, I’m not saying that something like weight loss isn’t a good goal choice. However, a goal this big needs a strong foundation: Why have I chosen this goal? How will this happen? When will this happen? How can this goal be measurable? What will keep me accountable along the way? In middle school, we have our students create goals at the beginning of the school year, develop answers to the previous questions, and evaluate their progress intermittently throughout the year. Otherwise, goals can easily be swept under the carpet.

My new year’s resolution: READ MORE BOOKS! Over the past four months, the only reading I’ve done has included textbooks, blogs/news sites, and magazines. Oops! Reading has always been important to me, but it’s one of those things that I’ve allowed to fall to the wayside. I plan to make this quantitatively measurable this by reading at least one book each month in 2013. I know what you’re thinking- that’s not very much, Kelly. However, it’s more than I’ve been completing lately and I need an attainable goal (especially with a little one on the way)! Reading for pleasure is definitely something that has been missing from my life, and I am looking forward to making it a more consistent part of my daily regime.

I’ll be starting with Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I bought it last spring as I thought it looked like an interesting read, but haven’t gotten around to prying it open yet. Has anyone else read it?

What is the best book you’ve read lately? I need some suggestions!

2 Thoughts on “Lucky 13

  1. I loved Jodi Picoult The Pact- I'm on a Jodi spree. I've read House Rules & Nineteen minutes. I'm onto Perfect Match now. I find reading books does wonders for me in terms of relaxing :)

    I loved reading your year and am happy that you made the decision to come to the fantastic Brisbane! I hope you're resting up and look forward to heading full throttle into 2013 with you :)

  2. Brissy is definitely a great place, and we are so happy to be here as well!!!

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